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  • yoga teacher training in india
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yoga Courses

yoga instructor course

Yoga Teacher's Training Certification Courses

Yoga Teacher Training provides a systematic understanding of yoga practices and the method of teaching yoga. Yoga is not just postures. It is complete science to be understood thoroughly before one opts for teaching. Yoga Teachers Training opens unique dimensions for learning techniques of teaching yoga.
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Yoga Therapy Teacher's Training Certification Courses

Yoga and Yoga Therapy both are complete scientific discipline that helps unification of body, mind, heart and ultimate energy. After completion of this Course, students will become Yoga Teachers and Also yoga Therapist. Our Yoga Training includes various branches of Yoga like Ashtang, Hatha, Kriya, Gyan and other branches of yoga.
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Combo Yoga Tecahers Training and Yoga Therapy Teachers Training

Yoga Teachers Training Certificate 200 hours (YA(Yoga Alliance, USA)) and Yoga Therapy Teachers Training 30 hours (IAY(International Association of Yoga)) Both can be completed during your stay in the Ashram.
Pre-qualification eligibility of 30 hours one must be Yoga Teacher.
For more details, visit both respective links:
YTTC 200 hours YTTTC 30 hours
yoga teacher training in india

Being Blissful MeditationTM

Being Blissful meditation, maximizes the use of brain power, awakens infinite possibilities, sharpens the intellect and establishes blissful state. Having mastered this powerful meditation, one can attain the ultimate heights in life, after which nothing remains to be known, nothing to be said and nothing to be done. Awaken your life and awaken others’ lives. Through this course, learn the ultimate possibilities of self and teach others.
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Doctoral Degree in Yoga Philosophy

The Yoga Philosophy and Meditation Program provides an in-depth study of the science and philosophy of Yoga, and other systems of meditation. Emphasis is placed in understanding the psychological and scientific approaches behind the Yoga Sutras, Samkhya, the Vedantic and Upanishadic streams of thought.
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For More Yoga Courses

For More Yoga Courses
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What is Paramanand Yoga?

Paramanand Yoga imparts traditional Yoga training from Asana to Samadhi. Expedition starts from Body Consciousness to Supreme Consciousness to explore unlimited capabilities of human potential through Yoga.

Why Paramanand Yoga?

Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research is a comprehensive and unique internationally reputed Yoga Institute and the only proposed Yoga University approved by the Government of M.P. (India). It imparts top-notch traditional Yoga training to students of all levels, from all over the World with authentic quality and dedication. It also offers blissful, divine, extrasensory Yoga and various Yogic techniques. So far we have trained thousands of students from 80 countries. Our associates Paramanand Yoga Therapy Hospital has treated thousands of patients for many years. Some of our students are World Yoga Champions and Guinness Book of World Record holders.
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Teaching at Paramanand Yoga

More than 200 years of rich knowledge and experience of our truly devoted and enlightened yogis, gurus & teachers in Yoga are being passed on to participants through our beloved chief mentor, Guru ji Dr. Omanand.
External Yoga (Bahirang Yoga) is available all across the globe very easily. What about Internal Yoga (Antrang Yoga)?
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Our Responsibility Towards Students

  • 1. Teaching traditional Yoga which includes branches like Hatha Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Karma Yoga, Gyan Yoga, Raja Yoga and Bhakti Yoga.
  • 2. Imparting yogic life style principles and practise.
  • 3. Team of excellent Teachers, Doctors, Professors, and staffs guiding and assisting the students are either PhD or Master's Degree holders in Yoga and are led by Guruji, Dr. Omanand (
  • 4. Yoga teachings also include imparting knowledge with a blend of authentic original ancient Sanskrit texts in English and latest research findings.
  • 5. Regular updation of contents in the course with latest research, scientifically- proven results, findings and proofs, which gives higher results and knowledge to students.
  • 6. Unique and advanced yoga techniques.
  • 7. Creating awareness of Indian yogic life style, culture and values by celebration of festivals with the global students.
  • 8. Accomplish the mission for which the students arrive at our Ashram.

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Experience At A Glance

  • What we teach is experienced by most of our students practically during the session to include:
  • 1. Greater physical flexibility
  • 2. Asana - Meticulous training and practice, mindful experience of the postures, and it's therapeutic benefits in depth
  • 3. Meditation – True learning and deeper experience
  • 4. Pranayama - Deeper experience
  • 5. Detoxification of body and mind
  • 6. Holistic healing with prana shakti
  • 7. Chakra activation
  • 8. Kundalini Shakti activation
  • 9. Totally out of habits
  • 10. Reduced anger, frustration, stress, tension, anxiety, fear, loneliness, depression, confusion, weakness, headache, imbalance and others.
  • 11. Improved concentration, confidence levels, relationships, balance, memory, IQ, strength, immunity.
  • 12. Life transformation.
  • 13. Lifestyle changes and disciplined routine.
  • 14. Transcending beyond time, body, senses, and mind

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Amenities At The Traditional Paramanand Yoga Ashrams

  • 1. Robust infrastructure for seamless learning viz., yoga and meditation halls; state-of-the-art library exclusively for yoga, Ayurveda, and Naturopathy; Wi- Fi enabled campus, etc.
  • 2. Traditional Goshalas (cow shelter) maintained in a scientific manner.
  • 3. Old age home for helpless aged people.
  • 4. Eye care services free of cost to the needy.
  • 5. Picturesque view of garden.
  • 6. Vegetable farming in an organic way.
  • 7. New hall for Ayurveda treatment (Panchkarma) headed by qualified Ayurvedic physicians.
  • 8. Campus area of 6 acres with 43000 sq.ft. constructed area.

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Campus Video - Parmanand Institute

Specialized Services

  • What we teach is experienced by most of our students practically during the session to include:
  • 1. Priceless, complimentary private consultation for personal Yoga Techniques/yogic healing/meditation/future potential reading/consultation with Guruji, subject to his availability.
  • 2. Most of our students experience chakras and Kundalini awaking glimpses under the guidance of Guru ji.
  • 3. Opportunity to visit the 5000-year old ashram of Sri Krishna and 3000- year old meditation caves at Ujjain, a traditional divine city and many ancient yoga sites near our Ashram to experience rich tradition and culture of yoga in India.
  • 4. Upon observing the sincerity of the participant towards yoga, Guruji might also present a personal mantra to practice and a Yogic name that is matching the true nature of the participant for the future progress in life.
  • 5. Disclaimer: Our Yoga Therapy courses are based on ancient Yoga texts, with long standing and accredited by either International Yoga Association or Hindu University of America, USA.

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  • 1. Yoga Therapy Hospital & Research Centre is run in the campus on a charitable basis supported by Hindu University of America.
  • 2. Various books and DVDs on Yoga-related subjects are published by eminent authors.
  • 3. Participated in several International Yoga Therapy conferences.
  • 4. So far 90,000+ students from 80 countries and 400,000 + general public are taught guided Yoga, meditation, and yogic techniques free of cost with outstanding holistic results.
  • 5. Successful treatment of incurable diseases through yoga therapy.
  • 6. Doctorates in Yoga: Successful completion of PhDs by several students and lots more undergoing PhD training.
  • 7. Consciousness Power Awakening Technique (Chidshakti Prakriya) guided to over quarter million people with remarkable results.
  • 8. Proposed Yoga University application under process with the Government of M.P. (India).
  • 9. Accredited / Affiliated with several institutions, universities, organizations.
  • 10. Adopted poor village 'Susari' which is now a disease-free, healthier, and happier village with higher awareness to health education.
  • 11. Some of our ex-students are either World Yoga Champions or Guinness Book of World Record holders.

yoga certification

Our accreditation

Paramanand Institute

of Yoga Sciences & Research
Overall School Rating

Our Mission

1. To prepare world-class Yoga Teachers.
2. To spread true Yogic knowledge.
3. To build a healthy society through Yogic knowledge.
4. To move from darkness to light (Tamso maa Jyotirgamay).
5. To provide "Total Health through Yoga"|| Yog sa viyog ||

Our Happy Students

Let's See, What They Think About Us

Olivia Winiger Switzerland

How would you describe? How a pear taste lke, if the person listening to you never had the chance to try it so far? Well, its sweet but sour, soft but graining, juicy but crunchy too. No matter...

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Olivia Winiger
Prof. Chris Lane

When I came to Paramanand, I was already loaded with rich experience of teaching yoga for 12 years. But what I learned here has opened my eyes to true, authentic and deeper yoga. I have no ...

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Prof. Chris Lane
Blythe Alladine<br>England

Hearty Thanks to Paramanand Institute. It has helped me, change my life. . This institute has taught me the improvements... Deepest gratitude....

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Blythe Alladine
Maude Scheerpers<br>South Africa

Thank you Thank you Thank you Guruji for incredible presence, wisdom, kindness and passion. I will always be grateful for the grace. Thank you all the staff my new brothers and sisters S...

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Maude Scheerpers
South Africa
Maj Kofod<br>Denmark

Thanks to everyone at this wonderful ashram. Paramanand Institute is more than sharing knowledge.
I am thankful for all your time. It has been truly Bliss....

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Maj Kofod


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Galaxy of Yoga is online Yoga magazine dedicated to spread awareness about Yoga. It is an independent magazine featuring articles, videos, interviews etc on Yoga wellness, meditation, lifestyle, nutrition etc.

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Invoke your Chidshakti through the Consciousness Power Awakening Technique (Chidshakti Prakriya by Dr. Omanand) by sparing 1 minute per hour, i.e. 24 minutes/day. Wake up your inner powers, learn the secrets about your inner-self and get a happy and blissful Life.

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A true International Yoga Association with over 40 Countries representatives with academic council of highly qualified Yogis for authentic Yoga reviews.