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Yoga Awards

Yoga Awards are for your higher recognition and honour


To recognize and reward the selected person or group of persons in their respective field of Yoga who have made outstanding contribution for the wellness of mankind from their work or services or knowledge full of devotion, dedication and commitment. This encouragespeople to get inspired and work more for the betterment of mankind.

If, you are teaching Yoga, Vedanta, philosophy and allied workfor the wellness of mankind then you are entitle for these awards. Your services to the mankind are truly precious, valuable and are truly admirable. Your true devotion, dedication, achievement and commitment to Yoga entitle you to receive the following Award.


Paramanand University Trust, (PU)A non profit, social welfare organization with Indian Income tax exemption status u/s 80G. Internationally accredited organization, so far 90 countries students became Yoga Professionals from Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences& Research (PIYSR) which has done remarkable work in the field of wellness of mankind through Yoga, Meditation and social welfare with fullDevotion, Dedication and commitment.

This Certification will entitle you to use Title along with your name.

These titles give you greater public recognition, honour and respect.

Award Title Qualification Minimum Study Exam
Yogi Raj(King of Yogis) 7 years Yoga teaching experience, who teaches to teachers Online Online
Yogi (Yogi) 2 years Yoga teaching experience Online Online
Yoga Acharya(Yoga Master) 5 years Yoga teaching experience, who teaches to teachers. Online Online
Swami (Who knows the self) 6 years Yoga teaching experience with knowledge of ancient yogic texts Online Online
Karma Yoga Shiromani (Shinning crown for Self-less Actions – Karma Yoga) 7 years of tireless & selfless services to the mankind through your expert/skill field Online Online

Following is the procedure :

  1. Apply by filing the application online
  2. Scanned copies of all your
    1. mark sheets
    2. certificates/ relevant documents
    3. Your Resume/Bio Data with credentials
    4. Passport or Driving Licence or Photo ID
    5. Pssport size photograph
    6. Any 2 references of prominent persons (Not your relative)
  3. You will be sent outlines of course/study area.
  4. Duration of studies / exams : 3 months to 6 months.
  5. You will appear in online tests. This includes email/Oral test (over telephone/video).
  6. After your successful test The Academic Council will recommend for Award.
  7. Award can be bestowed upon you either by your physical presence in our Campusin Award ceremony or if, you are unable to travel it can be mailed to you or sent soft copy by PDF.

For more information, please email to: