Arrival & stay in the Ashram

Stay in the Ashram

  1. You will have a very special experience living in the Ashram. Ashram is not a hotel but a place of Learning, Practising, sharing, caring and Karma Yoga for purification.Ashram has two words: A= come and shram= Action without ego.
    Ashram means performing actions to dissolve your Ego, ignorance, attachment, aversion and fear. One of the places where perform action or Karma Yoga without expecting the fruits which helps to attain liberation.
  2. Washing your own clothes, utensils, cleaning room, laundry is done by the students.
  3. Kindly maintain the decorum of the Institute by following simple rules:
    • Try not to enter any other fellow rooms keeping privacy in mind, the common area is provided for discussion and relevant talks.
    • Talk politely. Avoid unnecessary talks and discussions.
    • Make full use of the Library. Taking books outside the library is strictly prohibited.
    • Taking any prop outside the therapy room like blocks, bolsters, straps, pillows, blankets, any equipment like massage wands, acupressure balls or mat etc are strictly prohibited.
    • Collect your MAUN TAG from the office and experience the magic and importance of Maun (silence).
    • SAVE ENERGY. Switch off any electronic devices like lights, fans, geysers, electric kettles, chargers etc. after use. Switch off the geyser after taking a shower/bath.
  4. Wear appropriate attire. Uniform t-shirts will be provided to all. Make sure to wear the t-shirt with loose comfortable lowers. Showing skin is not appreciated during the stay. Except for the training hours, comfortable t-shirts and lowers are appreciated. Maintain decency.
  5. Meals and tea will be provided on appropriate timings. Try not to consume food during odd timings.
  6. Eating or drinking during the class timings is strictly prohibited
  7. Keeping in mind the purpose of the training, Joining any other activities outside the Institute like gym, dance classes, music classes or any other course etc, is not advisable and prohibited.
  8. Try not to engage with the outsiders much and do not travel with them, without permission of authorities.
  9. Try to avoid outside food to stay healthy and focused on the purpose of the visit.
  10. Smoking, Alcohol or use of any restricted drugs are strictly prohibited in and around the Ashram.


Please bring all necessary medication with you.

Be sure to inform us in advance if you have any specific allergies. Note that due to the high volume of people staying at the Parmanand Yoga Institute at any given time, we will not be able to cater to any special diet requests. Please plan accordingly.


The Paramanand Yoga Institute will provide basic first aid/allopathic medical assistance for a nominal cost. Any other medical cost / expenses if required are to be borne by the students. Any serious medical conditions such as asthma, chronic ailments, allergies, heart conditions, physical disabilities, injuries and history of mental imbalances/disorders, should be informed to the reception.


We suggest that you contact your physician to discuss any immunizations or medication that might be recommended for your personal well being. If you take prescription medication or wear glasses or contacts, please make sure you have enough supply for the duration of your stay. An extra pair of glasses/contacts is highly recommended.
Suggestions for a small personal medical kit or you can buy from a nearby shops.

  • Insect repellent
  • Antacids
  • Antiseptic creams, powders or spray
  • Anti-diarrheal medication
  • Charcoal tablets
  • Ibuprofen/Paracetamol
  • Bandages or band-aids
  • Prescription medication
  • Throat lozenges
  • Cold and flu tablets
  • General antihistamines

What to Pack?

The purpose of your visit is to gain hands-on training in Yoga Therapy.
BOOKS: You can either bring your study material like books, notes, note books, pen, etc. Otherwise some of the books you can purchase from the help desk.
TOILETRIES pack or you can buy from nearby shops.

  • Tissue packets (pocket size)
  • Toilet paper, in case you need it.(or you can buy from nearby local supermarket)
  • Insect repellent
  • Hand sanitizer
  • If you forget any of your basic toiletries, some items will be available for purchase at the nearby shops.


  • Bringing the following or some of these items you can buy from nearby stores/markets.
  • 7 sets of cotton casual / work clothes (for those planning to stay longer term).
  • 2 sets of loose clothes like track pants and T-shirts for doing your practices
  • Sufficient undergarments
  • Warm clothing – sweater or shawl and thick socks during winter.
  • Comfortable sandals or slippers (it is advisable to bring inexpensive footwear that won’t be damaged by rain or moisture).


Bringing following or some of these items you can also buy from nearby stores/market:

  • Personal alarm clock
  • Batteries
  • Watch
  • Yoga mat
  • Refillable water bottle (in an effort to cut down on paper & plastic waste, plan on having a personal water bottle).
  • Please tag your luggage with your name.
  • Locks for your luggage.


  • Sun hat / sunglasses/ Sunscreen
  • Small backpack
  • Ear plugs / eye masks / face mask
  • Plug adaptor for your laptop


  • The following items are prohibited on the campus at all times: cigarettes, alcohol, illicit drugs, and meat-based products. If anyone is found under the influence or in possession of cigarettes, alcohol or any other illicit drug, they will be asked to leave the premises.
  • Downloading, browsing or sharing of content that is illicit, profane, or in the form of propaganda on the Paramanand Yoga Center premises is not allowed.
  • Try to avoid outside travels without any reason during workdays. Can be permitted on prior permission. Please also remember the gate to Paramanand Yoga Institute closes at 9pm.


Coming from International Flights:

Most welcome to visit Incredible India for unique experiences.

  1. Your final destination is Indore. The cleanest city of India (continue awarded for last 6 years).
  2. You can arrive by Air (Devi Ahilyabai International Airport) or by Rail or by Road
  3. From some destinations there are direct flights to Indore like Dubai, etc.
  4. Mostly it is recommended that you book international flight arrival either in New Delhi or Mumbai.
  5. From New Delhi or Mumbai you can take domestic flights to Indore.
  6. When you arrive from international flight follow the procedure:
    • First claim your baggage
    • Clear customs
    • Transfer to domestic terminal (please check if it is not same terminal it may take up to 45 minutes transit in changing to domestic terminal)
    • It is advisable to keep a minimum 3 hour time gap between arrival of an international flight and domestic departure.
  7. Keep the phone numbers/address of the Ashram with you in case of
  8. In case you requested the ashram for your reception from the Airport, we will be happy to receive you from the Airport to fetch you.