Ways To Practice Yoga Daily

Most of the people who want to practice yoga regularly have questions like “How do I do yoga exercises daily? “Or “How do I spare time to exercise, Yoga daily?” The most popular one is “How do I get flexible enough for yoga exercises?” Even sometimes certified yoga teachers are not able to spare a full yoga exercise session. However, I am suggesting a few simple methods to exercise, yoga every day without giving away too much of time and energy from your other day to day activities. Here are some methods through which anyone can enjoy the inner peace, focus and calmness that a yoga meditation session provides anytime, anywhere.

1. Start your morning with the mind and body consciousness check, before getting out of bed. You can stay still and slowly become aware of your whole body, starting at your legs and moving up all the way to your head, knowing your entire body and reading through in with yourself. This allows you to see if any part of your whole body that may be stiff or uncomfortable. As you go through your day, take that awareness with you, practicing some deliberate movements to loosen up the firm places.

2. Practising Palm Tree pose or Mountain Pose (Tadasana/ ताड़ासन) throughout the day will allow you to learn imbalance in your posture that may be related to minor discomfort, aches or pains. Palm Tree pose is also an eccentric position for bringing awareness to mind and body; it is the foundation of all asanas.

• Stand with your legs together.
• Inhale and raise your arms to the sides and all the way up above your head.
• Take two deep breaths.
• Stretch hands, wrists, shoulder, chest, legs, and slowly come up on your toes.
• Feel the whole body being pulled up.
• Hold the asana for at least 30 seconds.
• Try to keep the balance with your eyes closed or open the eyes halfway to balance.
• Repeat this asana at least three times.

This asana helps increase height and bring balance, happiness and joy in your life. Also practising Palm Tree pose throughout the day can contribute to improving your body posture.

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3. Take a second to be aware of your breathing. This will allow you to relax your mind and let you feel the present moment. Even 3 -4 breaths may carry a sense of relaxed and simultaneous energy. Try getting these deep breaths if you sense feelings of stress, frustration, or if you are having trouble focusing. It is recommended getting a few minutes before going to your work to exercise these deep breathings. It will allow you to let go of any problems, stress or frustration that you may have experienced during the time getting to your workplace and also to let go of any stress you may have before a lengthy day.

Try these easy practices every day, or even some of them. Small steady changes can carry about the biggest changes in your life and your yoga exercises.

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