The energy that flows between the fingers and palm can transcend one. It is unbelievable how much positive energy exists among fingers, which can take you to the beautiful places you have not been nor experienced. This experience happened to me during Mudra Meditation guided by Dr. Omanand (Guruji).

In the beginning, the head was turning around, to left, to right, then backwards and face towards the sky. I could feel the light lifting me up. It is a beautiful place. I was flying in the space freely, with liberation and no limitation. It is a place with no rules and regulations, no boundaries, no obligations. Its such a pleasant place that you want to explore it more deeply and get higher and higher more. Refering to Patanjali, Chapter 3, Sutra 42, one can move through the space without feeling any weight.

Then my feet and knees started moving and my head and torso moved backwards more. Sitting on my bum effortlessly, similar to sitting in a bag and someone was lifting me up. Based on Patanjali, Chapter 3, Sutra 37 and 39, one who can go above the mind and intellect will be able to levitate.

Consequently, all beautiful energies live inside of us, we just need to intend to find them, focus on them and let them happen without resistance. During meditation some people might cry or cellphone might beep, but one should not pay attention to these voices and sounds and they will pass. It is all these moments that mind wants to interrupt the trance mode. We should not allow interruption in mind, to be able to fly freely…

Ghazal Bina
M.A.Philosophy & Public Ethics

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