How to remove fear?

The lion – practiced for releasing fear, followed by meditation

This is a very powerful practice, the way we performed. we had a partner and looked at each others eyes, playing the lion in the moment of confrontation. eye to eye with the other lion, i started let my strong lion come out, my roar became more and more expressive, i felt so much energy coming up and being expressed. I had a very strong partner on this practice, and that gave me the chance to really release my strength in physical and roar aspects. I felt very powerful and as if releasing unspoken “stuff”(which is a theme in my life). I was excited with my roar and the strength of the body in that moment.

In the meditation I felt a great sense of release, contentment. For moment I felt like crying but a stronger feeling of lightness and good feeling pulled me towards the moment,where the colors were moving in slow motion while switching from purple to orange,yellow,bright white, and changing texture.peaceful movement,pulling me side to side in rocking motion. Some short films, images that come and go permanent floating of colors sometimes the eyes roll upwards as if i could dive deeper upwards.

Dr. Omanand(Guruji) guided this technique to our group of more than 9 countries. This is very effective and awakening technique for removing fear from our life.

Maria Brand, Portugal

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