I Found My True Family

I had a very good meditation today as I felt so connected to Nadya and we were hugging each other deeply. Sometimes I was giving love to her and sometimes I was receiving love from her. Then we both started crying.. I was crying until almost 1 o’clock, in the room, in the shower, while chanting shiva shiva for swamiji, during his departure, in the class too.. I did not want to hold my cry as I wanted to let go and release the baggages. The cry was different, it was out of happiness of finding my second family in India/Indore.

I also cried as I felt I have started forgiving the people who hurt me in the past. I felt I should not hold a grudge, instead the reason I am here, at the ashram and experiencing mediation and transformation is because of the people who hurt me. My sensitivity and the curiosity to heal myself led me towards this wonderful path. I felt so good after crying.

It is so difficult to leave you, ma sunita, mahesh, classmates and the ashram as I feel I have found my second home and second family. I will definitely come back here to experience more and see my family. The energy is so pure here, I feel pure kindness, pure patience, pure
relationships here every second.

I dont know how to thank you and Ma Sunita for this amazing experience. You and Ma Sunita are VERY kind and wonderful people…


Ma Ganga Anand

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