My diary in Paramanand Yoga (Experiences of whole day)

After the food poisoning experience yesterday, and a bad nights sleep, I woke up with very little energy, but went into my morning routine anyway. In the yoga studio, Guruji called me up to take prayer and Ang Sanchalan and then discuss my personal Asana journey as well as teach them to the class. This was a big challenge, as all my Asanas are very intense and I was feeling very average. Fortunately it went well, I was happy with my teaching and my other class mates did well also.

Guruji then led a pranayam starting with Alternate Nostril breathing 3 sets of 45 on the right, the left and then both. We then moved into rocking forward and exhaling strongly through both for a very long time, with a few breaks. Some deeper experiences were going on around me, crying, full body tremors. My experience was a sense of being bathed in light and warmth, with some minor moments of body shaking. The mediation afterwards was blissful

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Moize was in class, and as my fellow suffering Ramon was absent, I led him with his Asana practice with help from Harpreet. Toady I also put away dishes, swept the foyer and did some photography for the Ashram.


Things are winding down, and it was a relaxed class in the sun with Rama. She challenged our learning by pretending we were in a situation with a very upset or agitated person, what would you do? I led first with a square pranayam and then a series of prayers to the sun with a theme of gratitude and awareness of the beauty around us. Rama made an interesting point about expectations..if you stand with your expectations and look at your reality it is the causes suffering, but if you stand with your reality and the slowly take small steps towards your expectations it is much more workable and less painful.


In todays class we made our way through the Eye, Diabetes and Constipation sections of the therapy manual.


It was a privilege to have a private class with Dr Nick today. Today discussed what is reality, the effects of yoga on the crime rate, quantum physics as well as pranayam. What an fascinating mind this man has.


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A sublime Bhakti yoga jam, with heartfelt singing set me up for my most intense mediation experience so far. Because we had not done yoga this evening, Guruji had us do some intense rapid Asana’s, including Titaliasan and Shoulder twists in Sumah Mudra. We then moved into strong bellows breathing, whilst rocking forward and back, reciting our mantra internally with focus on the third eye. After a while I felt strong shakti building up in my chest, it continued to intensify and moved up to my shoulders neck and then head. I continued the breathing for a long time, which became more rapid and shallower, but also effortless. It was very useful having the mantra to come back to when thoughts arose. When I stopped the breathing I naturally held my breath and locked my Mula Bahnda which had the effect of the shakti flooding my whole body for several minutes, a feeling of deep intense vibration. I was able to pump up the shakti 2 more times by going back into the breathing and then felt satisfied enough with the experience to let it subside, and rest. Some tears rolled down my cheeks . I fell into a long and blissful mediation .

Such a rare experience, I expressed my deep gratitude in prayer.

Matt Nettheim SMPSP

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