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The full moon called me to sleep outside last night, and I woke up super tired. Guruji was at morning practice with his laptop, which meant exams. I was called up to teach Bhujangasana and I was happy with my progress as a teacher. The session finished with a laughter based pranayam that started with a baby laughing rocking wind releasing pose and moved into a series of other laughing based Asana’s. The laughter evolved making into OOOOOO sound from our Manipura Chakra, and the whole class seemed connected through this chant, which sounded beautiful and harmonic. When we stopped I experienced a sensation of not having a torso, it felt so light and relaxed. I also felt a subtle vibration of Shatki throughout my body. Th experience was extremely relaxing and uplifting.


Outside with Rama, each class member was asked to take a yoga sequence with a Yoga Therapy benefit. I was asked to do some dynamic poses for obesity and offered up Nauka Sanchalan and Chakki Chalanasan. I used humour and visualisations in my teaching style that was appreciated by the class. We finished with a 5 minute OM.


Guruji called us in for a yoga therapy consultation with Mr Lal, aged 70 has been in pain for 3 years with a series of complaints After discussing his condition and looked at his hands Guruji suggested a series of insightful and therapeutic lifestyle changes before he moved off to receive the Asana side of his treatment.


In Class today we went through the Rheumatoid Arthritis, osteoarthritis and osteoporosis sections of the yoga therapy manual.


Worked with Moize in the morning, picked beans and cabbage in the garden. I put away dishes made everyone tea and continued my photography documentation and sharing.


My Charkrasana after Divya had worked me over was the best it had ever been. My other Asana’s that improve daily. My Mantra mediation had a couple of moenets today. I now always experience a blissful flow of subtle energy over my head in this practice that I was able to expand on today with more of a full body circuit. It was Pranayama’s to he rescue to this morning, and managed to get a lift through Kahabalati and alternate nostril pranayam to get me going.


Nick introduced us to several new Pranayam’s in his class today and explained their benefits and technique. We practiced Sukha Purvaka pranayam, the happiness Pranayam, with a very long Shunyaka, but unfortunately we did not do it for long enough to make us really happy.



Shiwama is getting us to select our own Sutras or Shlokas and bring them to the class for discussion. With the subject of devotion and surrender coming up a lot in our studies I asked our teacher what someone like myself, with no experience or history of religious or spiritual worship does. Who should I worship, pray to, be devoted to? Shiwama suggested I start with something I know; the sun, moon or earth, this will naturally evolve itself on the journey to the supreme consciousness,. He explained how he had worshiped several different gods or deities over his lifetime depending on where he was in life.


This discussion moved on to prayer, something I am also unpracticed in. My instruction and practice was not to ask for anything, but Shiwama seemed to indicate that this is actually OK if worded a particular way such as –“If you think it is good for me then please provide me with….” or ..please provide me with.. so I do not have to go to other people and ask for it..” If a child does not cry it does not get fed, was an Indian saying that he shared with the class.


Divya twisted and pushed us into a variety of Asana,s. I appreciate his stretching of my limits through physical force in this class, my body responds by opening up more. We finished the class doing Suraya Namaste with its mantras and then a blissful pranayam and meditation



4-34-_Approach a seer to find the knowledge you seek. My spiritual journey has only just began, and my understanding is that the Guru, Seer or Master enters your life when it is the right time. My journey started thanks to my partner Ky, a woman of enormous wisdom and power, a healing, awakening and deeply loving relationship. I believe we were always destined to find each other in this life. I have been privileged to continue this journey at Paramanand with some great teachers, and, of course, my contact and experiences with Guruji. I believe my journey here was pre-determined as well. I now look forward to taking these teachings and experiences home and sharing them with Ky, and continuing on this journey together.

Matt Nettheim SMPSP

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