Holi Festival Celebrated In The Ashram

The 24th we all together in the ashram celebrated the Holi Festival.

Actually, we started celebrating it the day before. It was extremely funny, sharing colors, joy, happiness. We rolled in the mud, played with water, we saw our teachers having fun with us and actually enjoy it almost more than us. We were all connected, happy and carefree.

But when you GuruJi came and started explaining us the meaning of the celebration I started appreciating the festival even more. Holi Festival, celebration of colors and love. Colors. This festival marks the beginning of a new season, the spring, the season that usually (according with the latitudes!) marks a new birth. Spring is the season when nature begins to bloom again, it’s a new birth, a new happening. I don’t think it’s a case that Easter has celebrated in this period. In Christianity, we celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus that comes three days after being death on the Cross. So Easter should celebrate a new birth, the rebirth of Jesus, the Christ, in every heart. Unfortunately, nodes in the west, Easter, like other festivity, are a consumistic ritual: we go to the supermarket to buy the eggs, chocolate and we stay with family eating so much food that our stomach can not afford. I am really sorry for that because we have lost the sobriety and the meaning of this beautiful celebration. I am speaking only for my experience, but I can say that this consumistic, exterior attitude is the trend in many places.

But let’s be back to our Holi Festival, the festival of colors. During spring, especially in some latitudes, the nature become colorful, luxuriant, richer. It could be already a reason to celebrate color and love, but during the morning assembly you told us something similar but deeper. During the Holi Festival we celebrate all the colors that are present in our self and, before of that, the colors that are present in the Supreme Consciousness. So Holi Festival becomes the celebration of the diversity into the unity, of the multiplicity that dissolves into the oneness.

Such a beautiful meaning. The Holi Festival reminds us that all the colors, all the differences are under and beyond the appearances only one thing: many expressions, forms and colors of the Supreme Energy. The colors are constantly around us in the forms of different behaviors, races, different cultures and religions, different spiritual paths and name of god; colors are into our self as different emotions, as the many expressions of love, still the colors are into us as the different state of consciousness. During the assembly you enlighten this point when you talked about chakras. Every chakras with his own language and color represents a different level of consciousness. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet: from the ground to the sky and everything to the blissful ocean of the Supreme Consciousness, symbolized by the white/indaco/multicolor chakra that all includes.

Holi Festival, the celebration of the colors, the infinite colors of the Supreme Cousciousness, the celebration of the many forms of life, the celebration of our common origin.

What happened when I meditate? Actually, anything straordinary: my eyes closed, my mind in pace, my heart Joyful for the meaningful words you told us. As I always went into a dark, infinite space that we can reach one we withdraw from the senses and the external world, but this time this black space came to be crossed by different colored lights. Yellow at the beginning, then green, then yellow/red and again green; than violet, tan all mix together in thin beams of colored lights, then green and violet again. Beyond them the dark infinite space.

When we came back from the meditation I was just happy for the beautiful experience I was sharing with everybody. You see Guruji, explane in english is not easy for me and you probably will miss part of what im trying to say becouse of my poor english, but that day, like others that i m experiencing here, was special becouse we where all together celebrating with humblenss, joy and pure hearts the beautifulness of life; we were there to celebrate the divinity of life that at the same time is ordinary and estrordinary.

You see GuruJi, there is something here that in the est that we in the west have lost: the presence of God, the presence of the bliss in the ordinary life. This presence changes everything. And even if for us coming from the western, secolarized country, this presence is challaging becouse its not easy to place in our category and moral frameworks, it show us a way to be in harmony with the  nature and, more in deepth, a way to fill the human needs of unity, hope and Infinite. A wayvto cure our deseas.

One more thing I would say, that really captured me: the faculty of the people here to be still in contact with their baby side. I dont know if is India, maybe is the ashram and your teaching but i think that this inner and precious faculty can save the world. What we are all sharing here is a gift.

Hari Om

and Happy Holi!

Aditya Anand

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