Yogic Breathing Excercises

Yoga Asans – Yogic Breathing Exercises

Yogic Breathing Excercises

 Do you breathe?

All will answer this question as YES.

If you breathe then you can also show us how to stop it for 10 minutes. You will not be able to do it as we don’t breathe ourselves. It just happens automatically. If you understand this concept in detail then you will get freedom from many problems and diseases. In yogic breathing we do the exercises and the breathing together to understand this science more deeply.

We try and get a unity in moving our body and breathe together in yoga, we also try to take our mind and prana to higher level. With this our body, mind and prana gets a lot of strength, peace and stability. Every inch of our body blossoms and we experience a deep vastness and expansion in us.
After these actions with awareness, a message evolves:

Body is beautiful
Mind is beautiful
Prana is beautiful

Our life becomes very beautiful and we experience beauty and balance in our life.
We get rid of all the diseases and problems in our life. Our capability and strength increases, we go beyond our problems.
By doing physical exercises and breathing techniques together we can see and experience some deeper changes in ourselves. Every time you go through this, your experience goes deeper with higher knowledge. When we give some speed to our body parts under some assigned work then we feel some movement happening within. This supplies fresh prana-shakti to our body parts. Then we experience freshness and tranquility.
That’s why yoga breathing techniques and exercises are very important for our body.

Few outlines of Yogic breathing exercises:
1. Shoulder movements,
2. Shoulder kriya,
3. Shoulder waist kriya,
4. Chest expansion kriya, etc.

Photo Credit – Dr. Omanand ji

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