My diary in Paramanand Yoga (Experiences of whole day)

After the food poisoning experience yesterday, and a bad nights sleep, I woke up with very little energy, but went into my morning routine anyway. In the yoga studio, Guruji called me up to take prayer and Ang Sanchalan and…


My Life In Paramanand Yoga Ashram

My started the day on the roof with a sense awakening meditation as well as a prayer, facing north (I think), allowing it to happen. Moving to the yoga hall I started with some brain gym exercises to assist with…


Experience in Paramanand Campus during Yoga studies

Yesterday after the meditation, I kept crying for hours & hours until 2 o’clock. It was coming out of joy and happiness as I have found my second home. Your class was amazing as we all learnt so muuuuuch, more…


Energy Circle True Experience

The laughing process is so stimulating. i feel my manipura chakra getting power. during the time we laid down holding hands, I could feel energy in different manner on each of the hands, being the right side the stronger. I saw lights ,my body…


Meditation Experiences

Powerful experience of Meditation under the kind guidance of Guruji (Dr.Omanand) in Paramanand Ashram in Jan27th and 28th The laughter yesterday woke up a lot of of Shakti and positive energy bit on some kind of way my emotions were totally…


I Found My True Family

I had a very good meditation today as I felt so connected to Nadya and we were hugging each other deeply. Sometimes I was giving love to her and sometimes I was receiving love from her. Then we both started crying.. I was…


Siddhasana A Miracle

On auspicious day of Makar Sankranti, 14th January, 2016 our group was guided Siddhasana by Guruji (Dr. Omanand), in Paramanand Yoga & Vedant Institute, Indore. Following words may be a tip of my vast and intensive experience of Siddhasana Asana….


How to remove fear?

The lion – practiced for releasing fear, followed by meditation This is a very powerful practice, the way we performed. we had a partner and looked at each others eyes, playing the lion in the moment of confrontation. eye to…

Sunset Yoga

How to trans the Time?

During the state of Meditation you may be sitting for 50 minutes but you feel like 5~10 minutes. But when you are back in mundane world tension or anxiety or fear or loneliness attacks,10 minutes are like 1 hour. This happens because of…


Journey Loneliness to Aloneness

When I immigrated to Canada (Ottawa and Toronto) from Tehran, felt lonely and far away from family and friends. Spent 5 years of solitude there, busy with university and jobs afterwards which made me realize that I prefer to get deeper inside of…


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Maude Scheerpers,South Africa

Maude Scheerpers,South Africa
Thank you Thank you Thank you Guruji for incredible presence, wisdom, kindness and passion. I will always be grateful for the grace. Thank y...

Blythe Alladine,England

Blythe Alladine,England
Hearty Thanks to Paramanand Institute. It has helped me, change my life. . This institute has taught me the improvements... Deepest gratitude....

Dr. Beverly Rubinstein

Dr. Beverly Rubinstein
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