Powerful Meditation

This was one of the most powerful meditations I’ve ever had. I felt like my whole body was being drawn up into the air. Like I was sitting on a swing that was being lifted. In my meditation I saw a cobra….



The energy that flows between the fingers and palm can transcend one. It is unbelievable how much positive energy exists among fingers, which can take you to the beautiful places you have not been nor experienced. This experience happened to me during Mudra Meditation…


Life Transforming Experience At Paramanand Asharam

When I arrived home, I suddenly felt this one month in Paramanand Yoga Indore India seemed another whole life, so amazing and I couldn’t stop to cry. I concentrated in the monthly study with my classmates from all over the…

param yoga meditation

Meditation Experience By Janki

Following is the meditation experience of one of our student:- “I have had many wonderful experiences of meditation whilst I have been here at the ashram. They have all been unique experiences. Group Meditation whilst laughing & holding hands Really…

Abha Bajaj

Meditation Experience By Abha Bajaj

Following is the Meditation experience from one of our student. “I am currently at Parmanand Yoga Institue for Science and Research,Indore Madhya Pradesh,India, for my 300hours Yoga teacher’s training course as well as Yoga Therapy Course. It’s a residential course…

Powerful meditation Experience

A Powerful Meditation Experience By Ma Mangla Anand

What is Meditation? Maharishi Patanjali explain it as Dhyana (in Sanskrit) in Patalnjali Yoga Sutra, a very ancient book. But you can read about Meditation in all the ancient book about Yoga that you find out and still don’t know…

The analogy between chakras and bodies

The analogy between chakras and bodies

How many bodies do human beings have? When this question is asked, commonly people answer ‘one’. However, yogic scriptures say differently. Some say three bodies some five bodies, rarest of them talks about seven bodies. When Kundalini Shakti arises, it passes…

Universal Law

Universal Law of Energy

Meditation as the best energy puller You can create your own world as per your desire. You are the Brahman of future. Does it sound impractical and naive? The fact is that like how gravity works for anyone, this is…

Consciousness Power Awakening Technique_html_m42829dcb

Consciousness Power Awakening Technique

A gifted remedy for stress and tension Stress & Sorrow In the present age due to various reasons we are all suffering from stress. This leads to many physical and mental ailments. Medical science has proved that over 90% of…

what is Asana

What is true Asana?

I have got a chance to visit many schools in India and abroad; many modern yoga schools where yoga is taught. I saw it does not look like yoga asana class, but like a gymnastic class. The students of yoga…


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Crystal Rydall,Canada

Crystal Rydall,Canada
This is really challenging for me to put into words of my experience here. It seems so surreal that two months have come and go so quickly & it...

Maj Kofod,Denmark

Maj Kofod,Denmark
Thanks to everyone at this wonderful ashram. Paramanand Institute is more than sharing knowledge.
I am thankful for all your time. It has...

Sangeeta Barve,USA

Sangeeta Barve,USA
I had amazing and awesome learning, experiencing and practicing Yoga in Paramanand Yoga. Indeed a place I can say ultimate for learning Yoga in de...