What It Takes To Be A Yoga Teacher

What It Takes To Be A Yoga Teacher

For the past few years, Yoga has become an essential part of the lifestyle of many people, which is why yoga teacher training is now also being considered as a full-time career. Nevertheless, there is a lot you need to…

karma yoga

Karma Yoga as a way to excellence

Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research at Indore provides an excellent opportunity to the participants across world to go through holistic and enriching traditional style of ashram learning through various resident programs. Karma Yoga is the discipline of yoga…

Dr. Omanand

Let it Happen

“Let it Happen” is an expression by my Guruji. I have wondered many times about it. Is it a direction-less drifting? Is it about totally passive like doormats to be defenceless? I kept on asking until one day I received…


Advantages Of Becoming Certified Yoga Teacher

If you are considering to be a certified yoga teacher and love yoga, or even if you’ve never done yoga before, I’d like to mention some of the benefits of becoming a certified yoga teacher. Sure, it will take a…


Time to get back on your feet

I was watching “the lion king” and it reminded me of something which I forgot for a while now. There is one famous dialogue in the movie which brought back ‘Simbha’ to his kingdom. “Remember who you are”, said by…


Life At ParamYoga: Feedback By Charmelle Taute

Following is the experience review of one of Param Yoga’s student:- “Dear Guruji, HariOm I just really wanted to thank you again for everything last month. I am so grateful for being led to the ashram and to your presence….


Effect Of Meditation On Brain

As per our Guruji Meditation is the best medication, now that’s the theory. How to prove that? Well not us but researchers from Massachusetts General Hospital did a study on 16 people on the effect of eight week long mindfulness…