Yoga Teacher Training In India

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Before coming to India I was so full of anxiety and fears, I knew this would change me in a way I could only imagine. When I first got to India an uneasy feeling filled my body as I seen…


Madhav Daily Diary

The full moon called me to sleep outside last night, and I woke up super tired. Guruji was at morning practice with his laptop, which meant exams. I was called up to teach Bhujangasana and I was happy with my…


My Life In Paramanand Yoga Ashram

My started the day on the roof with a sense awakening meditation as well as a prayer, facing north (I think), allowing it to happen. Moving to the yoga hall I started with some brain gym exercises to assist with…


Energy Circle True Experience

The laughing process is so stimulating. i feel my manipura chakra getting power. during the time we laid down holding hands, I could feel energy in different manner on each of the hands, being the right side the stronger. I saw lights ,my body…


Siddhasana A Miracle

On auspicious day of Makar Sankranti, 14th January, 2016 our group was guided Siddhasana by Guruji (Dr. Omanand), in Paramanand Yoga & Vedant Institute, Indore. Following words may be a tip of my vast and intensive experience of Siddhasana Asana….

Sunset Yoga

How to trans the Time?

During the state of Meditation you may be sitting for 50 minutes but you feel like 5~10 minutes. But when you are back in mundane world tension or anxiety or fear or loneliness attacks,10 minutes are like 1 hour. This happens because of…


Powerful Meditation

This was one of the most powerful meditations I’ve ever had. I felt like my whole body was being drawn up into the air. Like I was sitting on a swing that was being lifted. In my meditation I saw a cobra….


Advantages Of Becoming Certified Yoga Teacher

If you are considering to be a certified yoga teacher and love yoga, or even if you’ve never done yoga before, I’d like to mention some of the benefits of becoming a certified yoga teacher. Sure, it will take a…


Life At ParamYoga: Feedback By Charmelle Taute

Following is the experience review of one of Param Yoga’s student:- “Dear Guruji, HariOm I just really wanted to thank you again for everything last month. I am so grateful for being led to the ashram and to your presence….