Holi Experience 23rd and 24th March 2016

This has been my first experience of Holi and I hope it is not my last. The holiday is to represent the colors in our life. It normally falls Under the full moon on the lunar cycle. One of the most popular legends Surrounding this festival is that Lord Krishna had applied color on Cheeks of Radha, during Holi since she was fairer than him. With this Started the tradition of playing with colors on the occasion of Holi.

It also celebrates spring and is time of disregarding social norms and Indulging in general merrymaking. Apparently people have a license to Swear on that day so they can get rid of the bad thoughts and words! Holi reminds us of the significance of color in our lives. Without Color there is no life. If everything was gray, then we would cease to see and there would be no contrast.

We started our celebrations on the Wednesday afternoon and had a small colour party which was a lot of fun! We also had a fire ceremony in the evening and it was great, as we sang around the fire with the moon in the background. We all then sat by the fire for Bhakti and chanted prayers and played our instruments. The fire represents the burning of things we don’t want any more. Evil spirits are symbolized by dead leaves, twigs, dirt and filth that collects during the winter month and these are burned in the fire. The ashes from the Holi fire are also believed to provide protection against diseases and people rub these on their bodies when they have cooled.

It was amazing to see the full moon behind the flames of the fire and it was very symbolic. At the end of the evening we all took prachad. Then at 10am we had the Holi ceremony and we did some chanting which was wonderful. Guruji then told us about the significance of Holi, the colours in our life and how they relate to the chakras:

  • Shasrara – Violet
  • Ajna – Indigo
  • Wishudda – Blue
  • Anahata – Green
  • Manipura – Yellow
  • Swadhishthana – Orange
  • Muladhara – Red


We then did a meditation and I saw lots of swirls of colors darting everywhere! They were like pieces of string but all had different colors. We then did a small fire ceremony at the alter, before going outside to play with the colors. It was so much fun and everyone was dancing and laughing. The energy was so bright – because of the many colors and because of everyone’s happiness. Also we all wet each other with both colored water and normal water. It was in balloons and water guns as well as the hose!

There was so much love between everyone and I seemed to be able to see people’s faces, eyes and expressions more when they were covered in color. We have all been so welcomed here in the Ashram and yesterday’s celebrations made me feel even more part of a wonderful family. I think it was amazing that no-one was exempt from the color. Everyone joined in with a good heart and when I placed color on people, I felt and wished love and kindness towards them. There was no separation and we were all one. I am so grateful and blessed to have this experience.

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