How to do Samkonasana?

What is Samkonasana? It is made from the combination of ‘Sama” means “Equal”, ‘Kona” means “Right angle”, “Asana” means “Pose”.

The English name is “Right-angle pose”.

Position: Standing Type: Grounding

Spiritual Awareness: Anahat chakra

Physical Awareness: Keeping the spine straight and maintaining balance, moving with breath synchronization.

Dosha Suitability: Vata Introductory Asana: Tadasana


  1. In Samkonasana, we stand with feet together and arms by the sides.
  2. Inhale, raise the arms up above the head bending the wrists so that fingers are pointed forward.
  3. Arch the back pushing the buttocks out a little.
  4. Exhale and slowly start bending forward at the hips, keeping the legs straight until the back is horizontal, and forms a right angle with the legs.
  5. Keep the head, neck, and spine in a straight line.
  6. Hold the breath in the final position.
  7. Inhale and slowly return to the upright position with the arms, head, and back in a straight line. Exhale while lowering the arms.
  8. Practice this Samkonasana for 5-10 rounds

Followup Asanas: ArdhaChandrasana, ArdhaChakrasana

Physical Benefits:

  1. Works on the shoulders and the back directly behind the chest.
  2. Improves posture.
  3. Calms the brain.
  4. Strengthens the arms and shoulders.
  5. Improves flexibility of the hips.

Therapeutic Benefits:

This asana help to reduce tension

Precautions for Samkonasana:

  1. Acute lower back pain.
  2. People with backache should take care to bend from the hips and not from the waist

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