Human Body and Chakras

Human Body and Chakras

Most of the books written on Kundalini Shakti are written either without experience or with only theoretical knowledge. Here it is compiled both after research and self-experience as well as our students’ experiences.

How many bodies do human beings have? “One” is the answer when commonly asked to people, but yogic scriptures say differently. Some say three bodies some say five bodies, but rarest talk about seven bodies. When kundalini shakti arises, it passes through these chakras. There are seven Chakras which are related to seven bodies. Seven bodies have their seven corresponding Chakras.

Firstly the three bodies are:

  1. Physical Body (Bhautik Sharira) which corresponds with Annamay kosha or gross body.
  2. Astral (Subtle) Body (Sukshma Sharir) which corresponds with:-
  3. a) Pranamay Kosha
  4. b) Manomay Kosha
  5. c) Vigyanmay Kosha
  6. Casual body (karan Sharir) which corresponds with Anandamay Kosha.

On other level five bodies often termed as Koshas are as follows:

  1. Gross Body (Annamay Kosha)
  2. Life Force Body (Pranamay Kosha)
  3. Mind Body (Manomay Kosha)
  4. (Intellect) Special Knowledge Body (Vigyanamay Kosha)
  5. Bliss Body(Anandmay Kosha)

It is regretted that often people are not even fully aware of their physical body completely. A few may people know about some bodily systems like, the nervous system, digestive system, circulatory system, and others. The physical body is made of gross material, in yoga which is called as either Sthool Sharira or Annamay Kosha. This body is very dense, made up of muscle and bone, blood and others fibres. This body is visible through the eyes. Human also have an astral body. This body is subtler than the physical body. This body exists within the Physical body and is little bigger than the physical body all around. This cannot be seen or touched, but with higher awareness, you can feel its presence when you stand very close to someone.

The casual body co-exists within the astral and physical bodies. This is larger and more subtle than the astral body. This carries the seed state of the individual from one birth to the next. In Kundalini yoga we work on all the bodies and purify all the bodies. When all bodies are purified then one become harmonious (sama) and beautiful, and emits a pleasant fragrance, while the voice becomes resonant and the appetite increases. Yogi becomes full-hearted, energetic, and strong. Yogi attains leanness and brightness of the body as indications of a purified nadi system. (HYP 2/19).

But the enlightened also said about seven bodies which are:

  1. The Physical Body (Bhautik Sharira or Annamaya Kosha)
  2. The Etheric Body (Sukshma Kosha)
  3. The Astral Body (Ling Sharira)
  4. The Mental Body (Manomay Sharira)
  5. The Spiritual Body(Adhyatmik Sharira)
  6. The Cosmic Body (Bhrahmm Sharira)
  7. The Empty Body (Nirvanic Sharira)

All seven Chakras are related or oriented or represented or correspond by seven bodies are as follows:


Physical/Sthool Sharira/Annamay Mooladhar

Etheric Body/Sukshm Sharira/Pranamay Swadishthana

Astral Body/Ling Sharira Manipur

Mental Body/Manomay Anahata

Spiritual Body/ Adhyatmik Sharira/ Vigyanmay Vishuddhi

Cosmic Body (Bramhaa Sharira)/Anandmay Agya

Nirvanic Body (Shunya Sharira) Sahastrara

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