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7th International Yoga Conference, Competition and Festival (IYCCF) is a timely call for exchanging the ancient to latest findings and teachings of Yoga, its impact on Education and Health. It is a unique opportunity to participate in the conference to be attended by Researchers, Analysts, Yoga Acharyas, Yogis, and common people. Participants from over 40 countries are expected to attend the conference. Primary language of the programs would be English. However, some programs may be in Sanskrit/Hindi.

Inviting participation in following categories

  • Yoga Conference
  • Research & Paper presentaiton
    Topic: 'Yoga Wellness, Education and students health'
    For details click here

  • Yoga Asana Competition
  • Malkhamb Competition
  • Yoga Therapy Sessions
  • 1. Neck and Shoulder Pain
    2. Lower Back Pain
    3. Digestive Disorders
    4. Diabetes
    5. Obesity
    6. High Blood Pressure
    7. Psychosomatic Disorders
    8. Headache, Migraine

  • Laughter Yoga Session
  • Partner Yoga Session
  • Kids Yoga
  • Elderly Yoga
  • Yoga with Props
  • Chair Yoga
  • Bhakti Yoga (Mantra Chanting)
  • Karma Yoga
  • Sufi Dance

7th international syllabus or categories of yoga


  • Yoga Therapy
  • Fire Ceremony with Vedic Mantra Chanting
  • Vedic Iconic Village
  • Kids Yoga and Face Painting
  • Laughter Yoga Sessions
  • Chair Yoga Sessions
  • Yoga with props
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Elderly Yoga Sessions
  • Yoga dance/ Sufi dance
  • Yoga therapy sessions by Great Masters
  • Yoga Philosophy Talks by Enlightened Masters
  • Paper Presentations

Sponsorship welcome

For Sponsorship please contant: 7thyoga@gmail.com

Volunteer Positions Open

  • Blog writers
  • Social Media Promoters
  • Publicity Help

Volunteering positions in various categories are available and we are recruiting. Please contact us to know more about the details.


Speaker Image
Dr. Omanand Guruji
(Internationally accredited Yoga & Management Guru)

Guruji, renowned Blissful Yoga Guru, President Paramanand University Trust, Authored 48 books on Yoga, Meditation, etc. His students from 89 countries become Yoga Professionals, Travelled 60 countries. A Blissful Yogi

Speaker Image
Dr. sat bir khalsa
( Harvard Medical School, Toronto)

Ph.D. Has been fully engaged in basic and clinical research on the effectiveness of yoga and meditation practices in improving physical and psychological health since 2001. He has practiced a yoga lifestyle since 1972 and is a certified instructor in Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.

Speaker Image
Mr. Uday Deshpande
(legendary guru and one of the foremost authorities in Mallakhamb)

A living legend, appeared on Ted Talk for having put the ancient art of Mallakhamb on world map single handedly. Being a reputed National level player of Mallakhamb in the early seventies, helped Deshpande to achieve a natural feel for the sport and to understand the unique demands of a sport like Mallakhamb.

Speaker Image
Dr. Madan Kataria
(Guru of Giggling- Mumbai)

Dr. Madan Kataria, a medical doctor from Mumbai, India popularly known as the ‘Guru of Giggling’ (London Times), is the founder of Laughter Yoga Clubs movement started in 1995. It has now grown in to worldwide movement with thousands of Laughter Yoga clubs in over 100 countries.

Speaker Image
Ram Vakkalanka
(Toranto, Ontario)

Ram Vakkalanka is an internationally known Nada Yogi, Yoga philosopher and Sanskrit expert. Ram travels across the globe sharing his deep knowledge of Nada Yoga, Vedic wisdom as well as sciences such as Ayurveda and Astrology.

Speaker Image
Deepak Anand
(Rosario Santa Fe)
  • Yoga and Yoga Therapy Teacher (500hs)
  • Jyotishi (Certified in Hindu Astrology)
  • BA in Nathuropathy and Yoga Therapy
  • Certified in Yoga Therapy for Cancer
  • Nutrition Dietetic Technician
  • Author of: Introduction to the Practice and philosophy of Yoga
Speaker Image
Praveen Verma
(Hanoi, Vietnam)

Mr. Praveen Kumar Verma has a solid yoga practice spanning over 28 years. His teaching experience is more than a decade .he has taught both on national and International grounds and presently working in Hanoi, Vietnam for the last 8 and is the Director of YOGA NOW, his dream project.

Speaker Image
Dr. Rima Dada AIIMS
New Delhi

She is presently working as Associate Professor at AIIMS and is actively involved in both teaching, research, genetic diagnostic and counseling services. She is offering genetic diagnostic services in several clinical conditions-infertility, ART failure, endocrinal disorders, hypogonadism, glaucoma, genital ambiguity, premature ovarian failure, recurrent spontaneous abortions, oculoplastic disorders like BPES, Myelodysplastic syndrome and leukemia.

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