Celebrate Mahashivratri (Online & On-Campus)

Learn, practice and experience the Powers of Shiva-Shakti. Celebrate Mahashivratri, Invoke the Shiva-Shakti hidden within you under the guidance of Guruji.

Online Program


16 to 18 February 2023
16-18,  7-8 AM IST (On Google Meet)
18, 5-8 PM (3 hrs Live MahaShivratri Celebration)


  • Immerse yourself for 3 days everyday and spare 45 minutes
  • Re-invent your True Self with Shiva-Shakti
  • Remove the obstacles/ Dukha of life with Shiv Sadhana
  • Healing, Awakening, Enlightening.
  • Opportunity to have divine dance with Lord Shiva
  1. Everyday a new Technique – How to Realise the Shiv-Shakti?

  2. Everyday a new Mudra – For channelizing the Shiv-Shakti

  3. Everyday a new Asana – for Awakening the Shiv-Shakti

  4. Everyday a new Kriya for Activation of Shiv Shakti

  5. Everyday a new Mantra for experiencing the Shiv Shakti

  6. Everyday a new method for activation of  Chakras

  7. On last day Mahashivratri New Pranayama for connection with Shiv-Shakti


Indian Rs Foreigner USD

501 ₹

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25 $

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About Inspirer:

Dr. Omanand Guruji is a simple, compassionate born yogi with various virtues.
He is a scholar merit holder throughout education.
He is honoured with various Awards. He knows 6 languages.
He authored 65 books. Travelled 69 countries.
102 countries seeker visited him to his Ashram in India and learned insight of Yoga.
43 students completed PhD in Yoga and 26 are pursuing under his kind inspiration.
Many people benefited from his yoga therapy techniques. His one of very special
Meditation techniques: Being Blissful Meditation® transforms one’s life.

He was blessed with Vidvat Sanyas (Noble renounced Yogi Sanyasi) by his Gurudev HH Swami Paramanand Giri Ji on July 17 th , 2012 in Indore Ashram. He also received spiritual name Omanand during Shahi Snan(Royal bath) in Kumbh Mela in Haridwar on March 30th, 2010.

He served as President of Hindu University of America, Florida, USA. Currently he is serving as Honorary Patron of non-profit social organisations: Paramanand University Trust and International Association of Yoga India Ashram: Paramanand Campus, Khandwa Road, Limbodi, Indore 452001, India

Video of Guruji’s introduction: Click here

On-Campus Program


Program From To Days
A Feb 16th Thu, 10 am Feb 19th, Mon, 2 pm 4 days, 3 nights
B Feb 11th Sat, 4 pm Closed Closed


The following will be guided as part of Shiva Sadhana

  • The true practice of Shiva Sadhana
  • Being Blissful Meditation® Learn stepwise from Dr. Omanand Guruji
  • Yoga Therapy Techniques: Selected techniques for common diseases
  • Yoga Philosophy – thousands of years old from ancient texts
  • Asana – Selected Asana for awakening powers of the body
  • Pranayama techniques – Selected techniques for balancing the prana Life-energy.
  • Mudra Science – Selected techniques for properly channelising the energy


Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research, Khandwa Road, Indore, India


Rooms in Ashram


Vegetarian meals


Program Indian Rs NRI Rs Foreign National US$
Program A 8000 12000 300
Program B 16000 24000 500
Registration Fees included in above 500 1000 50

Early Bird if registered and paid 100% before January 10th, 10% scholarship. Limited seats sooner the better.
Rates are based on sharing with 1 or 2 persons. If you want single occupancy then add 40% extra on the above cost.

Cost includes 

  • Priceless techniques,
  • Teachings, All sessions
  • Certificate
  • Accommodations, 
  • Meals, and 

Ujjain city tour can be arranged at actual/nominal cost. Visit historic and holy temples, holy river Kshipra, Krishna’s Ashram, Bhartari Meditation caves, Guru Matsyendranath shrine, Mahakaleshwar temple, Harsiddhi temple, Bada Ganesh, Ram Ghat, Kal Bhairav, Mangalnath, Harkrishna temple and/or many others.

Application Form


  • Provided Single bed with sheets, pillow, cover sheet, blanket, carpet, Almirah(locker), study light, desk, chair, mosquito net, mosquito repellent,
  • Charging point
  • Bathroom, Western toilet seat, bucket, mug, hot/cold water, Soap
  • Personal toiletries to be arranged by participants or can be purchased from a nearby market or ask help desk

Time Table (sample time table of a typical day)

Time from to  Particulars
AM 6 Wake up
6.10 Water Therapy
6.30 Jala Neti
7~9 Yoga, Pranayama, Meditation
9~9.30 Breakfast
9.30~10.30 Maun, self-studies
10.30~11.00 Karma Yoga
11~1 Self studies / Self Sadhana
1~1.30 Lunch
1.30~3 Maun, Self Studies
3~4 Practice, Karma Yoga, Awareness techniques
4~6 Theory & Practicals
6~6.30 Bhakti Yoga
7~7.30 Dinner
7.30~9 Fire ceremony, 
9 ~10 Maun, inner silence
10 Lights Off


Maha Shivratri timetable: Routine will be different, those who want to go to Mahakaleshwar Temple, can visit and come back. The day timetable will be flexible. The main program will start on Feb 18th from 8 pm till midnight

For more help: email: yoga@paramyoga.org; WhatsApp- 8839209014