100 Hours Yoga Therapy on Hands Training Certification

Let’s come together and make the most of this enriching opportunity to expand our skills and knowledge in the field of therapeutic care.

100 Hours Yoga Therapy on Hands Training


We are happy to inform that January 2024 has been set aside for the therapeutic hands-on training. We invite everyone who is interested to attend and advance their knowledge in this area, as this training looks to be a worthwhile experience.

Attendees will leave the therapy course with practical understanding and firsthand experience of therapeutic care’s fundamental strategies and practices. It’s a fantastic chance to expand your knowledge in this field and advance both professionally and personally.
Whether your goal is to learn about a previously unknown facet of yoga or to obtain a different viewpoint on a specific subject, never ceasing to study is essential to your success as a practitioner and teacher. There’s an opportunity to enroll in our residential program through these 100-hour courses.

Dates & Fees

  100 Hours Yoga Therapy on Hands Training Certification

       2 November 2024 to 28 November 2024 

             Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences and Research, Indore, MP India  or Anandmay Yoga Therapy Hospital & Research Center, Ujjain, MP India

Course Fees

  • Parmayoga students of Yoga Therapist 800 hours IAYT: No Extra Fees

  • Paramyoga students of Yoga Therapist 800 hours YCB Indian: Rs15,000

  • Alumni of Paramanand Yoga  International (200 /300 / 500 hrs or advanced courses) : $400

  • New Students International: $800

  • Indian Students: Rs19,000

  • Indian students Aluminii: Rs15,000

∗Registration fees∗
•  International $50
•  Indian: Rs2,500

Early bird registration and entire payment before 30th August will get off $50  for international students and Rs2000 off for Indian students.

Confirm before: 2 October 2024 as seats are limited.
After that additional arrangement fees of $100 are applicable.
We encourage early registration to avoid disappointment. Upon successful registration, you will receive a confirmation email with further details about the event.

→Registration, Meals & Accommodation charges are applicable to all.

100 Hours Yoga Therapy on Hands Training Certification
on Hands Training

Special Events

    November 17th, 2024
12th International Yoga Therapy Conference on November 17th, 2024 in Ujjain
Inauguration of 1st phase of upcoming 3rd largest Yoga Therapy Hospital, wellness & Research Center
Complimentary entry to Yoga Therapy conference.
You can also present papers at the conference as complementary.

For any inquiries or assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us

                                       ✉  yoga@paramyoga.org
                                       ✆ 9755986869, 8839209014

Accommodations with Vegetarian meals

For Internationals:

  •  Private Room facility fees non a/c – $700/month

  • Semi-Private(sharing with one or two) – $500/month

  • Airport pickup/drop off $10 

For Indian Nationals:

  •  Private Room facility fees non a/c – Rs35,000/month

  • Semi-Private(sharing with one or two) – Rs19,000/month

  • Airport pickup/drop off Rs800


Additional Courses

You are already traveling from a long distance and investing your most valuable time, and energy for the on-hand Yoga Therapy Training. There will be some spare time available during your stay in the Ashram, You can utilize and optimize your Shakti by taking advantage of joining additional courses. All these courses are short-term and can fit into your schedule during your stay in the Ashram. As the cost of accommodation & meals are already covered in the Therapy program so you need not pay any additional amount for the same. Either you can select all of these courses or some.

The following course options are also available with very generous scholarships during your stay:

Being Blissful Meditation® Teachers Training Certification$370 Rs20000Rs15000
Ayurveda Massage & Panchkarma Course certification Fees $370Rs20000Rs15000
Ayurveda Cooking Certification $140Rs8000Rs5000
Breathwork Pranayama Therapist Certificate$370Rs20000Rs15000

Please send your confirmation for taking additional courses by email to: info@paramyoga.org with cc to: yoga@paramyoga.org

Nearby tourist/Yogi places

Paramanand Ashram is located in Indore, which is awarded the cleanest city of India, continuously for the last 6 years.

During your stay & studies in the Ashram, you can also visit nearby historic, Yogic, tourist places of interest: (normally Sundays you can travel)

1. Ujjain: One of the Oldest cities of India where Lord Krishna received Yoga education, the famous Jyotirlinga Mahakaleshwar Temple, Ancient Meditation Caves, Anandmay Mission: World’s 3rd largest Yoga Therapy Hospital under construction with the blessings of Guruji, Yogi MatsyendraNath Samadhi: Ancient place of Great Yogi, and many more places to visit
2. Maheshwar: One of the finest river banks of the world.
3. Mandu: Historic castle full of magnificent palaces and picturesque views.
4. Indore: A city full of wonders, palaces, temples, hills, lakes


Please visit the following link for having a glimpse of guidelines for travel and stay in the Ashram:

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