Ashram is in a serene location, about 12 Kms from Indore International Airport.
“When you arrive by Air/Train, our representative will receive you from the Indore Airport. But in case of emergency, please carry the following information printed both in Hindi & English with you:
Paramanand Ashram, Khandwa Road
Indore, MP India 452020
Cell Number: 91-9755986869; 91-9977797213 ”
Indore is a historic, holy, educational and commercial city of Central India, is very well connected by road, rail and air. There are many flights(1 hr flight time)/trains from Mumbai and New Delhi.
For information about trains (Indian railways) please visit :
For booking railway ticket please visit :
For Domestic tickets booking go to any Air booking any web portal like : or
Normally bus journey is not recommended. But in case of emergency one case use bus services. There are few online travel website like
Near Indore city there are few very interesting and Historical tourist places like:
Ujjain, Omkareswhar, Mandu, Mahewshawar, Bhopal(birth place of Maharishi Patanjali)


Please submit the following documents, along with application :

  • 1. Original Passport only to show and will be returned back after verification immediately.
  • 2. Photocopies of :
    a. Passport.
    b. Indian Visa.
  • 3. Past qualification Mark-sheets/manuscripts/certificate (Only in case of Advance Courses but not for YTT or basic courses).
  • 4. Photograph passport size 3.
  • 5. Application Form original (When you arrive it will be filled up and signed).
  • 6. Health Declaration (When you arrive it will be filled up and signed).
  • 7. Resume, in case of Doctorate or Masters or advance studies applicants.

Welcome kits

For Resident Courses it may comprise some of the following Study materials/ Article/s :

  • 1. Yogi Shoulder Bag
  • 2. T-Shirt/Kurta (Indian Top) Yellow
  • 3. Manuals
  • 4. Text Book if, applicable
  • 5. Writing ball pen
  • 6. Room Keys
  • 7. Gita
  • 8. Maun Tag
  • 9. Library Card
  • 10.Guidelines
  • 11. Ashram’s Name & Address in Hindi
  • 12. Fees receipt original
  • 13. Neti Pot
  • 14. Sutr for Sutr Neti