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Being Blissful meditation, maximizes the use of brain power, awakens infinite possibilities, sharpens the intellect and establishes blissful state. Having mastered this powerful meditation, one can attain the ultimate heights in life, after which nothing remains to be known, nothing to be said and nothing to be done. Awaken your life and awaken others’ lives. Through this course, learn the ultimate possibilities of self and teach others.

What is Being Blissful Meditation (BBM) (Joyful Meditation)?
BBM is the divine ray of hope for human beings, envisaged by Dr. Omanand Guruji as a result ofyears of austerity, meditation, research and tenacity.BBM is a complete scientific process by which a person can discover the ultimate possibilities of his life. Today, along with the development of society, there are tensions, troubles, sorrow and diseases in every house. Regular use of BBM equips us with a panacea in a minimal expense and gives life-saving powers by awakening our latent energies. BBM is an accurate formula for the transformation of Life

Dr.Omanand (guruji)


Outlines of syllabus, study, and basic understandings of some of the following topics are covered as follows:

  1. How to overcome desires?
    7 Major Chakras (Energy Centers) in the body and how to balance this energy.
    5 Sheaths (Koshas) How to balance the senses?
    How to not get controlled by others?
    How to control Anger?
    How to live life to optimize your physical, mental, and emotional well-being?

Being Blissful Meditation (English) Upcoming batch

Date:- 14th March 2024 to 21th March 2024

Mode: Online live interactive classes 

Duration: 7 Days Online; followed by 40 days of self-practice.

 For Indians 
₹ 1000

 For Internationals
$ 50



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