Anandmay Yoga Therapy Hospital & Research Center

Foundation Laying Ceremony

On November 12, 2022, a momentous occasion took place as the foundation laying ceremony of the Anandmay Yoga Therapy Hospital & Research Center was held. This auspicious event marked the commencement of the construction of this institution dedicated to yoga therapy and research.

The ceremony was graced by the presence of Dr. Omanand Guruji, including government official Smt. Sumitra Mahajan (Ex. Speaker of Parliament), Dr. Mohan Yadav (Education Minister Govt. of MP), Shri. Anil Firojiya (Member of Parliament, Ujjain), Shri Paras Jain (MLA Ujjain) & many more, renowned healthcare professionals, spiritual leaders, and students of Paramanand Yoga from 43 countries. The air was filled with anticipation and excitement as everyone gathered to witness the symbolic beginning of this noble endeavor.

The ceremony commenced with an inaugural address, delivered by a chief guest or a prominent figure, emphasizing the significance of yoga therapy in fostering physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The speech highlighted the importance of holistic healthcare and the potential impact of yoga in improving the lives of individuals.

Amidst a serene and sacred atmosphere, a designated area was prepared for the laying of the foundation stone. The stone, carefully selected for its cultural and symbolic significance, was inscribed with auspicious symbols, scriptures, and blessings. It represented the solid foundation on which the Anandmay Yoga Therapy Hospital & Research Center would be built.

Guided by spiritual leaders and priests, traditional rituals and prayers were performed during the stone-laying ceremony. These rituals invoked divine blessings, offering spiritual sanctity to the future hospital and research center.

Following the laying of the foundation stone, the attendees were treated to captivating cultural performances, the 9th International Yoga Festival, and enlightening conference on the potential benefits of yoga therapy. These activities served to further raise awareness about the objectives and future endeavors of the Anandmay Yoga Therapy Hospital & Research Center.

The foundation laying ceremony held on November 12, 2022, marked a significant milestone in the establishment of the Anandmay Yoga Therapy Hospital & Research Center. It symbolized the commencement of a transformative journey towards providing holistic healthcare services and conducting cutting-edge research in the field of yoga therapy, ultimately contributing to the well-being of countless individuals.

Main Inspirer: Omanand Guruji is a born Yogi with many virtues and is a beloved disciple of HH MM Swami Parmanand Giriji. He has authored 67 books, numerous videos, and articles. Students from 102 countries came and received Yoga & Spirituality knowledge from him. He traveled to 65 countries.

Anandmay Mission is a division of Parmanand University Trust:
Incorporated on Dec 7th, 2007. A non-profit social welfare organisation.
Income Tax exemption for donations u/s 80G of Income Tax Act.
Tirelessly imparting Yoga & Meditation education knowledge to the world
Served tens of thousands of patients successfully through Yoga Therapy.
Recognized by YCB, AYUSH Ministry of Government of India as a Leading Yoga Institute.
Successfully organised various International Yoga, Yoga Therapy Conferences, Yoga Asana competitions, Malkhamb competitions and Yoga festivals.
Received various affiliations/associations from prestigious associations, organisations, and Universities across the globe.

Anandmay Mission is establishing social wellness projects in the holy city of Ujjain with the most powerful Aura of Jyotirlinga Mahakaleshwar. Lord Krishna and many Yogis received their education in Ujjain, at the bank of the holly river Kshipra.

Your Co-operation: Social projects become more successful when the community from all over come forward and extends help. We welcome the donors to help in bringing up these projects for the wellness, welfare, health and upliftment of mankind.

Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research: Accredited courses in Yoga, Yoga Therapy and Meditation will be offered from short-term to Master’s and Doctorate Degrees. So far, students from 102 countries have come and studied here. Scholarships are available to needy and poor students. An estimated investment of INR 80,00,000 or USD  100,000.00 is planned for the True Knowledge of Yoga to the world.

Mohan Gaushala(Cow shelter): Many studies have confirmed that Cows have special healing powers and are useful to heal many health conditions. Cows bring harmony and love to life. Mohan Gaushala with modern facilities will serve the residents, patients and visitors. An estimated investment of Rs45 lakhs (US$55,000) is estimated in this noble cause.

Vedanta International School: A school that caters to the needs of poor and needy downtrodden children Free of Cost. A blend of ancient Gurukul and modern education system

School at Par Excellence imparts wisdom with higher international standards. A total estimated investment of Rs160 lakhs (US$200,000) is planned for this noble cause to sharpen the talent of destitute children.

Siddha Sarovar:
A mini lake connected with the holy river Kshipra with a Shiva Temple.
A unique and serene place for Meditation, Bhakti Yoga and silence.
This will raise the level of inner powers, nectar and consciousness of seekers.
An estimated Rs 75,000 lakhs ( USD95000 ) is planned to be invested in this divine path.

Anandmay Yoga Therapy Hospital & Research Center:
It is a proven fact that Yoga Therapy treats numerous diseases without surgery or medicines.
It will be 3rd largest in the world With a capacity of 251 beds.
Guruji said that creating wealth is good but leaving it behind after death is not the true utilisation of your Karma. Let wealth be useful to society even after your death.
This hospital will serve as a landmark for the wellness of mankind.
Poor and needy people will get treatment FREE of cost. Those who can afford them will get treatments at a nominal cost to take care of the running cost of the hospital.
A total cost of Rs 8.50 crores (US$1 million) is estimated to be invested in this Charitable Hospital.


Donations are Income Tax exemptions under section 80G of the Income Tax Act. Via letter number AABTP3975EF20210. Receipts will be issued for Income Tax purposes.
Please send your donation to the following bank account:
Account Name: Paramanand University Trust
Bank: HDFC Bank
Account number: 50200018623108
International Swift Code: HDFCINBBXXX

Board of Advisors


Mr. John Kepner (Yogananda)

Ex-Chairman, IAYT, USA
Dilip Sarkar

Dr. Dilip Sarkar

Ex-Chairman, IAYT, USA

Mr. Deepak Swaroop

Hotsprings, USA

Mr. Harish Hathiwala

New Jersey, USA

Mr. Rajul Bhargav


Mr. Rajesh Shah


Mr. Sunil Jain


Mr. Atik Qazi

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Dr. (Mrs.) Sunita Maa

Director, PIYSR
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