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Frequently Asked Question

FAQ ( View More )


1. How is yoga different from other styles of fitness exercises?

Other forms of exercises focus mainly on physical health and fitness. As per Yoga Science, we human beings have five bodies. Gross body, Life force body, Mind body, Intellect body and Bliss body. Yoga balances, beautifies and purifies all these five bodies and attain Total Wellness physical, mental, emotional as well as spiritual.

2. What is the difference between 200hrs, 300hrs and 500hrs YTTC course?

200 hours is for the beginners: If you have never done much Yoga before, or practice Yoga

On /off, but you want to deepen your Knowledge of Yoga Science, then this course is for you. This enables practitioners to learn the basics of Yoga and prepares them to teach basics Asana class.

300 Hours: Eligibility: already completed 200 hours. This course will lead the aspirant to deeper knowledge of Yoga. One can have more extensive studies of Yogic Life style, Asana, Pranayama, Pratyahara, Concentration, Meditation, philosophy and practicum of Yogic Science. After completion of this course one can lead Yoga class /sessions with ease for various segments of the society.

500 hours: Beginners or persons who are already practicing Yoga and want to deepen their Yoga Knowledge. This program completely transforms a layman into a yoga teacher with greater understanding of ancient yogic scriptures, various techniques to purify, detox and strengthen the body, breath and mind. It provides them opportunity to get better understanding of Yogic science and teachings.

3. My body is no longer flexible – can I still learn yoga?

Yoga can be learned by anyone. It’s not limited to people of flexible bodies only. It is a misconception. Yoga is not about competing with anyone. The body is very dynamic and regular practice definitely brings a lot of changes. The benefits of yoga don’t end at the physical body level. Yoga science deals with total body. As per Yoga Science, we human beings have five bodies. Gross body, Life force body, Mind body, Intellect body and Bliss body. Yoga balances, beautifies and purifies all these five bodies and attain Total Wellness up to energy level.


1. Do I need to be a trained Yoga professional to join the course?

No, for joining the beginners’ Yoga course (like 200 hours) you need not to be a trained Yoga professional. But in selected courses, pre-qualification requirements are needed.

2. What style of Yoga will I be learning? Or What style of Yoga you teach? What is the name of your Yoga Style?

We teach Traditional Yoga from original Sanskrit source/texts translated. To see the difference between Traditional Yoga and other style, please see the table .Traditional Yoga comprises of various branches like:  
1. Hatha Yoga – Yoga of Body and Mind Purification
2.    Jnana Yoga – Yoga of Enquiry
3.    Karma Yoga – Yoga of Action
4.    Bhakti Yoga – Yoga of Devotion
5.    Mantra Yoga – Yoga of Recitation
6.    Kundalini Yoga – Yoga of Energy
7.    Raja Yoga – Yoga of Meditation
8.    Vinyasa Yoga – Yoga of flow
9. Ashtang Yoga – Yoga for awakening

3. Will I be qualified to teach when I graduate and at what level?

Yes, after completing successfully our certified course, you can teach Yoga anywhere in the world.
For 200 hours level: you can teach basics/beginners yoga
For 500 hours level: you can teach Yoga classes basics/beginners and after gaining more experience you can teach advance classes.
For Yoga therapy courses: You can help/guide basic health and wellness.

4. Is Paramyoga institute Certified by Yoga Alliance?

Yes. Our Institute is certified by Yoga Alliance, USA. We also have accreditation/affiliations with many other Universities / Organizations / Institutions:

5. Is your therapy Course is Certified by Yoga Alliance?

Yoga Alliance USA does not certify any Yoga Therapy courses. Our Yoga Therapy program is certified by International Association of Yoga. You can help / guide basic health/ wellness/ health conditions / diseases to students and alternative health/wellness program. We provide not just theoretical knowledge of yoga therapy but we also have yoga therapy centre within our campus and our students get hands on experience.

6. Is there any online course available?

Yes, we have few selected courses available online. Material is online given to students. Teaching online is through online video/ lectures / instructions material / online books. This is primarily available for self-study with the help of our study material. Then there will be an online test. On successful completion of your course and passing the test, you are awarded the respective certificate.

7. What is the fee for Indian Student.?

For Indian nationals, fees is payable in Indian Rupees. There is scholarship for Indian Nationals. Please check with our help desk for fees for your required course.

8. Will certificate issued by Paramanand Yoga work in my home country or internationally?

Yes, certificate issued by Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research work internationally. So far 87 countries students became successful Yoga Teachers worldwide.

9. Is there any scholarship program?

There is scholarship program / volunteer program for needy and poor students. Please follow following procedure: 1. You have to fill up application form. 2. Send separate request for scholarship stating your status/situation that why do you need scholarship with your supporting document? 3. Management decides upon merits or availability of scholarship. Management’s decision is final.

10. Can I volunteer?

Yes, you can volunteer. Time to time we have spots available for volunteers. For this you can send email requesting the same along with your resume and areas of your expertise. Volunteers get experience of Yogic lifestyle in the Ashram. They are also offered to attend selected classes in lieu of their services. These posts are not paid. Send your email along with your resume and areas of expertise to


1. I am travelling to India first time, can you please help me?

When you arrive in either Mumbai or Delhi, India: First clear immigration, then claim your baggage and thereafter clear customs. Then transfer to domestic airport terminal and take domestic flight. Within building you will have domestic transfer, other than Indigo Air line (for domestic, their terminal is different). Your final destination is Indore (Devi Ahilyabai International Airport).

2. What should be general clothing should I bring?

In Indian culture no tights/shorts/skirts/deep neck dresses. Cover shoulders, Loose or proper dress is recommended.

3. Can I exchange money in the Ashram/Airport?

Other than bare minimum money exchange (may be US$30~50~, as may not have any major expenses, as you have connecting domestic flight) avoid exchange at the Airport, because their rates are sometime very unreasonable. We accept cash Dollars or Euro. Indore is a metro city. There are money exchange facilities in the city.

4. What is included in the course fee package?

Normally following are included in major course fees for international students: Tuition fees, Registration fees, Study material (manual/text book/s, note book), Neti Pot, Yogi bag, Accommodation (Sharing with one), meal (3 vegetarian), Airport pickup/drop off.

5. How many students are there in one class?

According to ancient teaching of Traditional Yoga we have batch size of about 15 students.

6. What do I expect in my living / accommodation in the Ashram?

Sanskrit meaning of word Ashram means come, perform action without expectation. The purpose of Ashram is to practice Yoga for self-purification, balance and beautification. Some time out of ignorance or misunderstanding new yoga aspirants expect 5 star hotel like facilities. Ashrams are not hotels but place for learning, practice, harmony and purification. Living in the Ashram is simple, clean, suitable accommodation with western toilets/bath with hot/cold water, vegetarian meals.

7. What do I bring with me?

Yes, you can volunteer. Time to time we have spots available for volunteers. For this you can send email requesting the same along with your resume and areas of your expertise. Volunteers get experience of Yogic lifestyle in the Ashram. They are also offered to attend selected classes in lieu of their services. These posts are not paid. Send your email along with your resume and areas of expertise to

Personal toiletries/towel/etc. can also be purchased from nearby supermarkets. 

RO filtered drinking water is available 24/7. no need to buy from outside.

8. What vaccines do I need?

Normally hour area is free from any vaccines. Still you can check your respective consulate’s website.

9. How can I get VISA for course can you help me?

We recommend our students on short term courses up to 2~3 months on visitors visa / tourist visa.
If, longer, we can issue invitation letter, which helps in obtaining visa for India.

10. How is weather now or during my course?

Most of the year, weather is pleasant except summer. For more details, please visit You will get all history/ current weather conditions in Indore.


1. What happens if I miss a class?

Attending all classes are mendatory for the benefits of students. But for any reason beyond your control you are unable to attend a class, please inform the concerned administrator/class teacher about your situation and you can spend extra time either with the teachers or mentor or other co-students to make notes of missing class.

2. How much time will I need to spend on homework?

During resident programs there are regular classes and in between during the intervals, for increasing concentration, confidence, IQ, etc. students are supposed to perform homework. It is interesting to perform projects or practicum or group discussion or write up or research or self-meditation or quiz, etc. during yoga studies.

3. Will I have free time?

In some program there will be sufficient free time and in some program less free time. During weekends, there will be sufficient free time. Students can travel around and see the historic yogic places or city areas or temples or tourist places.

4. Are weekends leave or off?

Yes, weekends are normally either half day or off or free time or some time, there could be tour plan.

5. Do you have students from different cultures and backgrounds?

So far students from 87 countries have successfully completed their Yoga studies with us, from being Yoga Teachers to PhD in Yoga. We accept students from all ethnicity, religion and country with open arms. In fact, most of our students come from foreign countries. Some of our teachers are yogis of great repute from around the globe.

6. I have not taken my meal/meals on particular day; can I get refund for that?

Meals arrangements are assigned either on monthly basis or for entire course duration. There is no refund, if, you miss one or two meals.

7. I have special meals requirement and allergies to nuts; will you be able to take care it?

We offer strict vegetarian meals. In case anyone needs special meals, and if it falls within our possible range, we try to accommodate the same. If some one want to buy some extra from outside can buy the same from super market. Your special need of avoiding dairy products or ground nut, etc. can be taken care.

8. Is there any refrigerator in the room?

There are refrigerators in the kitchen area only.

9. Do you have WiFi Internet?

Yes, we do have WiFi internet in the campus. Students are advised to use it mainly for studies and limited purpose as their attention should be more in the studies, practice and learning. During / classes no internet should be used. Avoid all types of networking/chatting except emergency to be more focussed in your studies.

10. Can I share room with my friend?

Yes, you can share the room with your friend. Please inform us in advance so that we shall arrange the same accordingly.

11. Can I apply my 300 hour training from another school after your 200 hour program?

If, you have done your 200 program from another school, we shall give you credit of the same and you can join 300 hours with us.

12. Can I attend more than 1 course simultaneously?

Yes, you can attend more than one course. Send us your request in advance.

13. Can you provide notes or books for the course?

Yes, we provide notes/study material / text books or manual for the course, as applicable.

Vision ( View More )

Vision : Athato Brahm Jigyasa "Now begins the inquiry into the ultimate" through the path of Yoga, attain perfection, total health and ultimate knowledge of life.

Mission : Tamso Ma Jyotirgamaya, " Lead us from ignorance to Knowledge". You have to lead, guide and assist the world with right knowledge through yoga. We are committed to these ultimate principles with our sincere and honest efforts.

Yoga Course India

Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research is a perfect place for yoga courses and training programs in India. Situated in Indore and Haridwar, our yoga training centers in Indiaare surrounded by fascinating landscapes and natural beauties. Our yoga courses training center is an ideal location away from city for relaxation from stressful modern life. We offer yoga Teacher Training Courses and programs in our institute.

Yoga Teacher Training and Programs India

Our highly qualified yoga training teachers spread the ancient wisdom and knowledge of Vedic Sciences to all the students through yoga training programs. Our yoga teacher trainingcourses strengthen the meditation practice. Yoga teacher gives the opportunity to experience the inner peace. Our yoga training courses are beneficial for person seeking inner peace and clarity of mind.

Teaching Methodology ( View More )

Methodology hours include demonstration, observation, assisting/correcting, instruction, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher, and learning styles. All teachings are derived from the Ancient Scriptures, proven formula, teachings as well as Modern Scientific Research and Data.

Guidelines & Rules for participants

The rules should be followed so as to get the maximum benefit of this program and environment which can make your experience enjoyable.

No friends, relatives are allowed to stay with participants without prior permission.

In case of health problems, manager will help and refer to medical doctor. Treatment required during the course will have to be managed by medical experts on your own.

Visitors are not allowed, except for visiting hours. visiting hours 2 to 3pm.

Children can stay with their parents, but a prior permission is necessary.

For getting the best results from practice of yoga, course schedule, diet etc may change. Participants are requested to adjust to this environment respectfully.

Participants must follow the timetable.

After the admission, participants should seek permission for leaving the campus. In case of emergency, written permission from the Course Coordinator is required.

Participants must attend all sessions, Lectures and all other activities.

Please do not bring valuables. You can bring valuables on YOUR OWN RISK, we are not responsible for any loss or damages.

If you are unwell, please contact the Medical Officer immediately.

Alcohol, tobacco, drugs, steroids, narcotics are strictly not allowed in/around the Campus.

You can bring your medicines and continue personal treatment, but it is advisable to inform about your ailment & treatment to the Doctor or your class teacher.

We can get you help for train reservations or flight reservations or accommodations etc. for the convenience of participant's only.

Necessary food arrangements are made in the institute and no external food is allowed. In case you want to bring your food in the campus, it should also be vegetarian. (The food in the institute is strictly vegetarian)

Course Coordinator/Management reserves the right to enforce requisite/additional rules, if any required for mutual benefits.

Routine of the course should be strictly followed. Discipline is an integral part of this training program. Disrespect may render the student to lose his/her studentship and in such case no fees would be refunded.

Absence from any activity of the scheduled program is a gross breach of discipline. Under inevitable circumstances, a student should obtain permission in advance from the teacher concerned/the respective Manager accordingly.

If a specific meal is to be avoided, it should be informed to the person concerned in good time, so that no food may be wasted.

During the course, any kind of extra-ordinary activities, not related to the course, will not be permitted.

No student would be allowed to enter in to the hall, once the class starts.

All the library books and other dues, if any, must be settled before leaving the place.

The system of the traditional teaching some time may differ from the west. Therefore students are advised to make their mind before they apply or get registered. Even some time the fundamental understanding of yogic path may differ from yoga schools in the west.

Those, who are just expecting some of the modified versions of physical exercises in the name of Yoga, then Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research, may not be the right place. One should apply only if he/she is willing to follow the yogic rules and regulations.

What to Bring ( View More )

It is advisable to pack light, relaxed, and start your journey in a joyful yogic style.

1. Passport size photos – 3 Nos

2. Photocopy of the Passport (1st page, 2nd page & the page with Indian Visa)

3. Regular medications (if any),

4. Clothes that are seasonal, loose and comfortable, covering shoulders and long pants/skirts below knees are advisable.

5. Laptop: You can bring, but use only for emails/assignments. For distraction-free learning, networking/video/chatting/talking during week days is not advisable.

6. Valuables - Ashram is not responsible for any loss or damages. Bringing valuables is at your own risk.

7. Uniform* : Yellow T shirt and Burgundy pants. During yoga sessions, it is advisable to wear uniform.

8. Yoga Mat *

9. Personal Toiletries : Indore is a big city. You can buy your other personal needs from any supermarket nearby.

10. Mosquito Net is provided by the Ashram.

* In case you missed to carry anything, please get in touch with our Help Desk.

Help Desk Convenience

In case you forgot any of the items listed above, you can buy or get assistance from the Help Desk.

Make sure you don't carry a lot of luggage, because when you will be traveling back you will be carrying a whole lot of happiness and blessings!

Why a residential Program ( View More )
  • The most effective way of learning and teaching Yoga is from 'Direct Experience'.
  • This is the traditional teaching where you will inherit the fruits of the wisdom of Ancient Yogis to present day.
  • During the programs you will be in close contact with Dr. Omanand (Guruji), Prominent Doctors and other Yoga Masters, who will teach, inspire and guide you.
  • The classes in the training will be held by highly experienced Yoga Teacher/s and Guru/s and highly experienced senior disciple of Swami Shri Paramanandji mostly with Om anandji.
  • Away from your home, business, appointments, everyday responsibilities and the distractions of the home environment, you can focus all your attention on the course and experience the positive benefits of intensive yoga.
  • Throughout the programs each moment is lived with awareness, bringing about growth and transformation. The classes are for limited number of students (Normally max 20) giving everyone the opportunity for much individual attention and ample practice.
  • Yoga Teachers Training course will give you a solid foundation & enough knowledge of Yoga for a lifetime of practice & the skills necessary to pass these teachings on to others.
  • Student's 100% honest & personal participation , results in 100% better & positive results.
  • Yoga manuals with more than 300 pages and study will be provided to support each individual’s personal understanding.
  • For motivated, inspired and determined students opportunities are offered either at the end or during the program. You can volunteer to teach in the campus. More details can be obtained from the office.
  • You will be awarded Internationally Recognized & Accredited Certificate.
  • Are there any tourist attractions near Indore Ashram?
Historical Places to visit ( View More )
  • Education Tour/Picnic: Ways are discovered for rejuvenating, re-energizing and enjoying the life in nearby areas. This can be planned by the students in spare timings.

    • Indore: Rajwada, Lalbagh Palace, Zoo, Museum, Ganesh Temple, others.

    • Bhopal:182 Kms Birth Place of Maharishi Patanjali.

    • Omkareshwar : 72 Kms : Holy River Narmada, Omkareshwar,

    • Patalpani:27 Kms : Beautiful Water Fall and Paramanand Ashram

    • Ujjain : 50Kms : 6000 years old Yogi Raj Lord Krishna’s Ashram where he studied Secrets of Yoga, 2000 years Guru Gorakh Meditation Caves, Mahakaleshwr, Kalbhairv, Paramanand Ashram, four dham temple, many others

    • Mandu:82 Kms : Beautiful Palaces and Fort

    • Maheshwar:80 Kms : One of the Most Beautiful Banks on holy river Narmada in the World.

    • Ajanta and Ellora Caves: These caves are of the world heritage sites (UNESCO). An overnight journey from the ashram will take you this place. One of the most famous places in India.

    • Normally group can travel on Sunday or on holidays.

  • yoga teacher training in india
  • om yoga
  • yoga teacher training in india
Additional Benefits & Programs along with Training ( View More )
  • Small groups, you receive the highest personal attention & instruction.(Maximum 30 students)

  • Free transportation to/from Airport/Railway Station.
  • Private villa or apartment or sharing or common accommodation or or similar, subject to availability. Currently some accommodations are both in campus as well as off-campus 10 minutes walk)
  • Daily in-depth yoga teachings/ instruction from Omanandji or Yoga Teachers, as well as Guinness Book of World Record Holder Dr. Radheyshyam Prajapati (Normally he takes either one or two classes).
  • Optional : Light cleanse & detox Natural treatment course - to increase energy & promote the body's natural immune systems to fight stress & illnesses. This facility is available at a nominal cost.
  • Vegetarian meals daily.
  • Purified water and tea provided.
  • Laundry service available at nominal cost.
  • Traditional Welcome Kit (normally may includes one Yoga Tshirt, Yoga Bag, note book, pen, notes, text book/manual, Instructions/gu
Special Prasad ( View More )


  • Sincere students may receive special Blessed Gift (Prashad) during or at the end of the course from Guruji. This is not compulsory but your sincerity and dedication entitles you to receive it .
  • Chidshakti Prakriya (Consciousness Awakening Technique) Certification : A price-less life transformation technique (with more than 147 benefits).
  • and Yogi Name (which is normally gifted by Guruji after analysis of your potential for your inner development and potential of your future life) This really changes and transform the life. Yogi Name can be printed on your certificate, if you desire so.
  • Mantra (Energized secretive powerful syllable in Sanskrit) in accordance to students' or yoga aspirants' nature. Mantra is one of the vehicle to experience the ultimate Yoga / Oneness.
  • Rudraksh Necklace (A natural beads necklace from Himalayas, duly energized) by Guruji.

Above gifts are priceless - suggested donation: Divine Love.

Facilities in Our Campus ( View More )

One of our main campus is in Indore and another campus is in Haridwar/ Rishikesh. Our Institution primarily runs Yoga Courses in Indore and also in Haridwar/ Rishikesh.

om yoga

Facilities in Indore Campus :

  • 6 Acres campus is beautiful and under progress in Indore City (M.P.) India. It attracts students from all over the world to carry on with studies and build their future in Yoga and allied streams.
  • WiFi : With limited computer availability. Some time internet access gets interrupted due to BSNL company lines problems, which is beyond our control.
  • Canteen: Provides pure vegetarian food. It is part of Indian Yoga Tradition that food is taken as prashad(divine receiving).
  • Garden: Except summer most of the time of year greenery welcomes, inspires and gives greater health.

  • Yoga Halls/Spaces : We have three yoga spaces, one is approximately 3000 sq.ft. another is approx. 2500 sq.ft. and third is under construction with 10,000 sq.ft. This 10,000 sq.ft. hall's platform and partial roof is completed and is under construction for Yoga, Meditation, Satsang, etc.. This will cater to needs of the students and society at large. Some time large yoga workshop/ assembly is organized in 10,000 sq.ft. Hall.

  • Hospital cum guest house : Within our campus there is a beautiful neat and clean granite and marble building, extending hands for health and happiness to the needy. Nearby few outdoor patients visit in the morning hours from 10am to 12 noon. The treatments are done on charitable basis at nominal fees. This building has consulting chambers, 5 Guest rooms with western toilets and bathroom.

  • Library: Traditional library with series of books in Hindi, Sanskrit and English both in the shelves and on line from the vast ocean of knowledge are available for our students.
  • Research: Students are encouraged to take up unique yoga mini research projects to help betterment of mankind.
  • Personality Development Program : Optional : under this various professional techniques are available to help students to become owners of profound and pleasant personalities which leads to greater success in their lives.
  • Language Grooming: Hindi is very rich languages. Our students are encouraged to learn basics. These classes are given upon request and with extra charges.
  • Total Health for all : Yoga, Meditation, and other sports facilities are available to boost students health.

  • Uniform : A Dress Code is in place for unity in diversity and total progress. Yellow T-shirt /Top and Burgundy trousers/pants yoga dress is recommended. Ladies can take orange dupatta (scarf). Low neck or sleeves less shirts are not advisable.
  • Discipline: Without discipline no one can get desired success. Students are always advised to follow the discipline in each field of their lives. In Indian traditions for greetings Boy and Girls should not hug. Namaste or Hariom is recommended.
  • Boys are STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED to enter in girls rooms/dorms and vice-versa to maintain privacy . If they have to meet can meet in common area.
  • Yogic tradition of Tapa/Sadhana/Practice should be observed.
  • Water: Filtered Water is provided to students in campus.
  • Cleanliness: We do maintain cleanliness, and all students do seva and help in cleanliness.
  • Education Tour/Picnic: Ways are discovered for rejuvenating, re-energizing and enjoying the life in nearby areas. This can be planned by the students in spare timings. But normally during studies it is difficult to spare time.
  • Nearby Historical Cities / Places :
  • Ujjain : 50Kms : Lord Krishna’s Ashram(Lord Krishna studied there), Guru Gorakh Meditation Caves, Mahakaleshwr, Kalbhairv, Paramanand Ashram, many others
  • Omkareshwar : 72 Kms : Holy River Narmada, Omkareshwar,
  • Mandu: 92 Kms : Beautiful Palaces and Forts
  • Maheshwar: 90 Kms : Most Beautiful Banks of the World.
  • Patalpani :27 Kms : Beautiful Water Fall and Paramanand Ashram

  • Weather : Indore is situated on the Malwa Plateu. Its weather is hot during May/Jun. a detailed weather graph can be seen at

  • Gaushala: Cow is very sacred because of its divine nature. Every part of cow's life is full of dedication and devotion. Cow is also like our mother who nourishes our lives with selfless service. We have separate buildings which house sacred cows.
  • Old Age Home: There is one old age home in the campus. A few old age people are living there. These facilities are provided to old aged free of cost.

Haridwar/ Rishikesh campus :

is situated in the holy city of Haridwar/ Rishikesh, means the Gate of God, situated on the holy river Ganges. This campus is away from pollution, disturbances and crowds a serene place for practice of intensive yoga and meditation.

  • Rooms : During the times of Kumbh Mela, approximately 5000 devotees can stay in the campus. There are 240 room, many of the rooms are attached with toilet and bath rooms. Many rooms' toilets are specially designed for foreigners, westerners.
  • Meditation Hall : There is one main meditation hall of 7000 sq.ft with beautiful decoration and elevation.
  • Gardens : Green gardens are very attractive and well organized shows a constant dedication and seva of saints.
  • Gaushala : Beautiful Gaushala with sacred Cows is indication of dedication and devotion. A good building is housing sacred Cows.
  • Kitchen : There is a large common kitchen which gives vegetarian meals to all visitors. Morning tea is served before sunrise. There are set timings of lunch/dinner. At the bell visitors assemble for dinner/lunch.

Note :

The above noted features / Facilities are for the convenience of every student but are without guarantee.

Accreditation Information ( View More )

Paramanand Yoga is in relationship with the following organizations:

Study Center / Fully Accredited by:

1. NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling), Largest open School of the World.

2. MMYU, UGC accredited (University Grant Commission, Largest Accreditation Agency in India, approved Courses)

3. Hindu University of America, FL, USA

4. International Association of Indian Yoga & Therapy

Member School of:

5. Yoga Alliance, USA (Registered School RYS200, RYS300, RYS500)

6. International Association of Yoga Therapists, USA


  • In small groups participants receive the highest personal attention & instruction (Maximum of 20 students)
  • Daily in-depth yoga teachings/instructions from either Dr. Omanand (Guruji) or Prominent Doctors, Professors, and or Yoga Teachers, sometimes from Guinness Book of World Record holder Dr. Radheyshyam Prajapati (who may take either one or two classes). He is a student of Guruji. Under Guruji's guidance, he did his Doctorate in Yoga.
  • Optional: Light cleanse & Detox Natural treatment - to increase energy & promote the body's natural immune systems to fight stress & illnesses. This facility is available at a nominal cost.
Additional benefits of the course ( View More )

Additional Benefits & Programs along with Training

  • Small groups, you receive the highest personal attention & instruction.(Normally Maximum 20 students)
  • Free transportation to/from Airport/Railway Station.
  • Currently there are accommodations both in campus as well as off-campus 10 minutes walk
  • Daily in-depth yoga teachings/ instruction from either Dr. Omanand (Guruji) or Prominent Doctors or Professors or Yoga Teachers, sometime from Guinness Book of World Record holder Dr. Radheyshyam Prajapati (Normally he may take either one or two classes). He is student of Guruji. Under Guruji's guidance he did his Doctorate in Yoga.
  • Optional: Light cleanse & Detox Natural treatment - to increase energy & promote the body's natural immune systems to fight stress & illnesses. This facility is available at a nominal cost.
  • Vegetarian meals daily.
  • Purified water and tea provided.
  • Laundry service available at nominal cost. Washing Machine facility available.
  • Welcome Kit (normally it may include one Yoga T-shirt, Yoga Bag, notebook, pen, notes, text book/s/manual/s, Instructions/guidelines)

Ethical Guidelines ( View More )

The organization “Paramanand Institute of Yoga Sciences & Research” inherits the ancient approach of yoga to inculcate and infuse the wisdom of yoga in each and every aspirant. To envision this into practice, the whole design of teaching and learning is framed in such a way that ethical sense becomes inevitable for all the members of the Institute.

At Paramanand Institute, the very beginning of the day starts with the ancient code of conduct prescribed in the name of Dinacharya (the daily regimen). Every day activities are arranged in the light of Ritucharya (seasonal code of conduct). Moreover, every step of behavior of the individual is visualized under the concept of Achar-rasayan (behavioral chemistry).

We see the whole spectrum of Yama (rules, how to act in the society) and Niyama (personal code and conducts) prescribed by Maharishi Patanjali need to be seen into practical day-to-day behavioral terminology, if not hundred percent, at least whatever feasible that could be practiced sincerely and honestly. We feel this sense of transparency in the behavior of an individual is essential to be in the path of Yoga.