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Quantum Spiritual Awakening Program (QSAP)
(Meditation Teachers Training Certificate Program)


Human beings have immense potential and possibilities in two directions. One direction is towards objects (mundane world). Second direction is towards subject (insight – inner world). Object based journey brings many sufferings, stress, tension, fear, anger, etc. Subject based journey bring Bliss and removes sufferings. As per findings of National Science Foundation, USA, our mind gets average up to 60000 thoughts per day. Out of these: 95% are repetitive thoughts 80% are negative thoughts Meditation stabilizes the mind and helps in reducing the toxicity of negative thoughts. Meditation is a great tool for treating most psychosomatic disorders. This program brings balance and harmony in the mind, body and life. Optimum utilization of human life is possible through this program.

Mode of teachings

Residential course in the Ashram


2 Weeks (100 hours).


Suitable for all


3 Credits, Integral part of Diploma in Yoga Therapy (900hrs Course)


Ancient Sanskrit texts simplified.


Teaching methodology will include: Discourses, Lectures, Discussions, Question-Answers, Practical, Theory, Demonstrations, Yogic Kriyas, Yogic Techniques, Mudras, Shakti techniques, and Meditation.

Practical: Practical teaching is an essential part of the curriculum. The students are given opportunities to conduct meditation sessions for public coming to ashram for their yoga sessions. All students must guide a meditation session to demonstrate their skills. They will be assigned to provide healing/relief to real life patients/ mock patients through guided meditation. They will be graded for

  • Ease with which they lead the session,
  • Flow of instructions,
  • Clarity of instructions,
  • Response of the meditator
  • Feedback from the meditator/ mentor.

There will be practical/ written exam at the end of the course.

Main guide: Dr. Omanand Guruji and his team will be leading the course. Being a residential course students have enough time to raise their awareness and improve their understanding about the most basic things, such as, sitting cross legged on the floor for meditation, maintaining an erect posture etc. They will be guided the art of entering the meditative state through various techniques. Guruji Dr. Omanand guides meditation uniquely and effectively and almost everyone can experience trance like state.

Techniques: Breath modulations, breath retention, Mudra science, Energy holding science, body awareness, power of prayers, chakra or the energy centers, mantra chanting and Bhakti yoga are some of the techniques covered in the course.

At the end of the course, students will have a clear understanding of:

  • What is Meditation and why we need it.
  • Stages in meditation.
  • Types of Meditation
  • Obstacles on the path of meditation and how to overcome these.
  • Different paths of Yoga
  • Eight Limbs of Yoga
  • Three Doshas/Prakriti (Sattav,Rajas,Tamas)
  • Correct way of sitting during meditation.
  • What is mind: a friend or a foe.
  • Five layers of Body
  • Five types of Breath (Prana)
  • Different levels of consciousness.
  • Basic studies of Kundalini Shakti, Chakras and meditation
  • Basic understanding of Prana and Shakti
  • Basic understanding of Yoga Psychology and Analysis of Chitta-Vrittis
  • Techniques to go beyond mind.
  • Basics of Mudra Science.
  • Basic pre-qualifications for attaining success: Anushasan, Abhyas, Shraddha, Samarpan, Vairagya
  • Guru Disciple relationship
  • What is Self-realization?
  • How to teach meditation effectively.
  • Meditation as part of yoga therapy.
  • Meditation as the best medication.
  • Cleansing through meditation
  • Introduction to Chid Shakti Meditation (CSM)
Course Books
  • Total Awakening - by Dr. Omanand Guruji.
  • Galaxy of Yoga - by Dr. Omanand
  • Bhagvad Gita (Summarized) Gita Press Gorakhpur
  • Yoga and Psychotherapy - by Dr. Omanand
  • Secrets of Chakras and Kundalini Shakti - by Dr. Omanand
  • Alchemy of Life – Dr. Omanand

At the end of the course students will be issued a certificate and will be able to help their peer alleviating the rising stress levels and can provide effective yoga therapy. Guruji always states that meditation is the best medication.

Students can also request Guruji to bless them with a yogi name and initiate them on the path to blissfulness. Advance course on meditation can be taken only after students complete 40 hours as a meditation teacher.

Sample of Meditation Teachers Training (QSAP) Schedule

Time Activity
6:00 am Wake up and self practice/Meditation
07:00~8.30 Practice & Instructions of various techniques of Meditation, Asanas, Pranayam, Yogic Kriyas
9.00 am Breakfast
9.45~10:45 Karma Yoga
11:00 to12N Yoga asana/ Theory / Practical
12.00 to 1 Yoga Practices / Practical /
1.30 pm Vegetarian Meals
2:30 pm Self & Personal Studies, assignments / Relaxation
4:00 to 5pm Anatomy/Communications /Presentations / Philosophy/ Courses
5 to 6.00 pm Meditation, / Yoga therapies / Yoga Nidra / Lectures / Satsang / Kirtan/ Yoga Philosophy/ Discussions /QA
7:30 pm Vegetarian Meals
9.30 pm Self studies
10.30 pm Sleep/lights off
* Subject to change
* Subject to change
Sundays holiday except Assembly at 9.30am
Special Blessings / Guidance by the enlightened master: Swami Sri Paramanandji and/or HH Swami Baba Kedarnathji subject to their availability.
Normally they visit Indore twice/thrice in a year.
All sample Classes/schedules are tentative and subject to change.


All Amounts in US$
Particulars 100 hours
Tuition Fees 400
Registration Fees 200
Private/Shared* room non a/c with attached Toilet/bath 100
Meals 150
Total $ 850
Following optional can also be done during your stay in the Ashram
Personal Yoga Therapy treatment plan/ healing / Private consultation with Dr. Omanand (Optional) 150
Ayurveda Cooking Certificate (Optional) 140
Ayurveda Panchakarma & Massage Certificate (Optional) 140

1. All rooms with attached toilet/bath, hot/cold water, private cupboard. There are 2 single beds in each room, you can share room with your friend/partner/colleague. Extra bed can be arranged upon request.
2. Private room extra $150/month. Subject to availability.
3. *Private/Shared rooms are Subject to availability.
Mini Suite: A/C, Attached toilet/bath, study table, chairs, study lamp, hot water kettle, clock, cupboard with locker. Extra $300/month. Subject to availability. (A/c Charges $150+Separate room $150 + mini suite $150=$450)
Extra Stay one day before and after the course date is complimentary. If you wish to stay longer, a suggested donation of $20 per day including meals is applicable subject to availability. Please inform in advance.
Personal and Private consultation with Dr. Omanand: For your personal health problems / relationship /personal guidance, consultation & plan by Dr. Omanand will be provided, subject to his availability.
Ayurveda Cooking Certificate: You will be guided practical basic Ayurveda/ vegetarian cooking including basic sweet dishes. This you can learn during your stay in the Ashram while pursing your YTTC. Notes are provided.
Ayurveda Massage / Panchkarma Certificate at the Ashram's Ayurveda Centre is available for practical self-experience and training. Our Ayurveda Department will be delighted to guide basics of Ayurveda Massage and Pachkarma.
Reservation: You can reserve your space by sending only US$200 towards registration fees via PayPal: Registration fees are non-refundable, but in case of emergency you can postpone your reservation to next available course. Balance can be paid either on arrival or prior to your arrival. Balance is to be paid in our Bank's account by wire transfer or cash. In case of emergency if you want to pay by credit card, we can accept in person only, but subject to bank's charges extra. We accept wire transfer or cash. Please use PayPal in case of registration fees only. No outside cheques. All fees payable is net of bank/credit card charges.
Sightseeing Tour (optional): Trips to Omkareshwar or Indore/Ujjain or other cities and nearby areas. This can be shared among students. Sometimes it costs around $5 round trip.
4. We can help in making your domestic bookings if, required.