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Dr Omanand (Guruji)

With 44 years experience in yoga, meditation and yogi philosophy from ancient scriptures. Guides: Yoga Philosphy, Yoga Therapy, Pranayam, Meditation, Mudras, Kriyas to know more about him please click on the link.

Dr B.K Bandre

Ph.D. (Yoga), D.Litt (Yoga) : For last 37 years he has dedicated his most precious moments to Yoga,Yoga Therapy. He treated many ailments through yoga therapy. He teaches Yoga Therapy.

Dr. Shiv Verma

M.A., PhD (Philosophy) and he has authored 14 books. A sincere and dedicated knowledgeable person. With an experience of 21 years he guides and teaches yoga philosophy.

Dr. (Mrs.) Sunita Maa

M.A. M.Phil, PhD (Philosophy). Pleasant, highly caring, loving, compassionate personality. She imparts wisdom of Yoga Philosophy and Bhakti Yoga. She also teaches Indian / Ayurveda cooking. An experience of 31 years.

Prof. Divyadarshan

MA (Masters of Yoga Education) having 25 years of teaching experience. A dedicated and very sincere yogateacher. He teaches Yoga Asana, Kriyas, Pranayam, Meditation.

Dr Jagdish Joshi

Ph.D. Yoga. with an experience of 27 years, he has taught yoga and naturopathy to over 20000 people.He teaches Naturopathy and life style.

Dr Shreyas Bansal

MD (Internal medicine), BHMS, MBA, DIY : With an experience of 5 years he teaches Anatomy and Phisiology.

Dr Sandeep Shah

(AM), BAMS, ADPC, ADND : Ayurveda Doctor : having experience of 7 years,teaches Ayurveda.

Dr. Deepak Mehta
BAMS, MS (Ayurveda)

DIY : He is an experience of 9 years in Ayurveda consultations and teachings. Dr. Deepak is Scholar, with pleasant personality with rich knowledge of Ayurveda. One of the highly reputed Doctors in the metro city in Indore.

Rama Shankaran (Gyaneshwari)

MA, ERYT200, 1 year Diploma in Yoga, experienced and caring. Understands the needs of students and guide, assist and help them in improvements in their practices. She teachers Yoga Asana, Pranaymana and Yoga Philosophy. With rich experience of over 8 years.

Dr. Abhinav Gaur

Licensed Physical Therapist and Yoga Therapist well-versed in a board range of programming, treatments and modalities for restoring function and mitigating disability.

Ms. Hari Anand

MA, ERYT200, Certification in Yoga. Despite hardship and challanges in her life, she lives experience ecstasy in Yoga science. She experienced Bliss in Yoga and she shares the same with the students. She teaches Asana, Pranayama from her own heart.


Institutions and Ashrams currently with Paramand Institute of Yoga Science and Research.