(Yog Chikitsa) Yoga Therapy Teacher's Training Certificate (International Yoga Association)

Yoga Chikitsak Program (Yoga Therapy Teachers Training) Certification, 805 Hours IAYT

accredited (International Association of Yoga Therapist, USA)

yoga teacher training

Yog Chikitsak Program: Paramanand Institute of Yogic Science and Research’s Yog Chikitsak Program (Diploma in Yoga Therapy) provides 805 hours of holistic training in yoga therapy, through our comprehensive curriculum, practical internships and individual mentoring.

We envision our graduates to spread these teachings in a credible and legitimate manner, grounded on a paradigm based on wellness and holistic self-care. Furthermore, graduates of the program will be equipped to practice yoga therapy in varying group sizes, ranging from individual sessions to small groups. We believe that yoga therapy must follow an integrated approach, harmonizing body, breath, senses, mind and consciousness. This framework will equip our students with a multidimensional approach to develop client specific therapy programs and continually tailor the therapeutic practice to meet the changing needs of clients.

You will be eligible to be certified by IAYT

Diploma In Yoga Therapy (805 Hours)

Duration: Minimum 2 years

Minimum Age requirement is 18 Years
200 Hrs Teacher's Training Certificate
1 year teaching experience/ Personal Practice
Proficiency in English Language

Residential: 1 to 2 Months on campus depending upon Covid19 situation. Currently due to Covid19, there is a window of online interactive teachings, practice, learning, case studies.

Distance Learning: 22 - 23 Months

Due to Covid 19 situation beyond human control

a. The entire teachings/learning will be online interactive.

b. we have separated studies of 805 hours into two parts(300+505 hrs):

300 hours: In the first phase there will be 300 hours online interactive classes. Course beginning dates are given in the following tables.: First 2 months there will daily 3 hours interactive online sessions with our Faculties / Doctors / Yoga Therapist and in 3rd month weekly/week-end classes, self assignments/ journals / case studies/projects/videos and other practices/sessions.A separate certificate for this course will be issued and 100% credit of 300 hours will be given in 805 hours course.

505 hours: After completion of 300 hours, with a gap, there will be online interactive classes. May or may not involve 1 month visit in the ashram in India depending upon Covid19 situation. "

Email Us to know more: yogaparamanand@gmail.com or ask for the Student Handbook.

Special Note:
- Students who have completed YTTC or Yoga Therapy course with our Institution will get special credits towards courses which they have already studied. and will also get 10% scholarship towards fees.

'Experience of IAYT, USA about our Institute'

During 8th International Yoga Festival, Conference & Competition held on January 18th and 19th in our campus, John Kepner, Executive Director, International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) graced the event as the Keynote Speaker.

He toured the facilities in our campus and interacted with our Doctors, staff and students. His excellent and inspirational remarks about the Institute are overwhelming and encouraging.

He also expressed his keenness for stronger tie-up with IAYT and Paramanand Yoga. Together we aim to explore more opportunities for growth and possibilities in the Yoga Therapy field.
Enclosing herewith the screenshots of his comments on Facebook.

We also welcome your kind comments and looking forward to see you some time soon.

yoga teacher training
yoga teacher training
yoga teacher training

(Yog Chikitsa) Yoga Therapy Teacher's Training Certificate (International Yoga Association)

  • yoga teacher training
In ancient times Yog Chikitsa (in Sanskrit is Yoga therapy) was in the main stream in India and Asia for the wellness of mankind. Yoga Therapy Teacher Training provides a systematic understanding of Yoga therapy Yoga techniques, its practices and the methods for helping people for their total wellness.

It is not just external exercise or physiotherapy or postures, it is an holistic approach to wellness of mankind. One need to be balanced and healthy both mentally and physically with clear understanding of Yogic science before opts for helping others.
Main guide for this program is Dr. Omanand Guruji (www.omanand.in) and his team of Prominent Yoga Professors, Doctors, Yoga Teachers and Yogis. Our Group has been in Yoga education field for 4 decades. So far 95 countries students have successfully completed their Yoga courses ranging from Yoga Teachers Training, Diplomas in Yoga, Masters Degree, Doctorate Degree in Yoga, and other courses in Yoga. This course is accredited by International Yoga Association). Disclaimer: The yoga therapy components of our courses are based on ancient Sanskrit texts (or own research or data or modern findings on), not derived from our status as a RYS with Yoga Alliance Registry.

Yoga Therapy Teachers Training Certification (Basic)
Duration 50 hours

Yoga Therapy Teachers Training Certification 300 hours



This course is suitable for intermediate Yoga aspirant or Yoga Teachers or advanced Yoga aspirants.

Ancient Holistic Approach to Yog Chikitsa

Yoga Therapy (Yog Chikitsa) is not a modern word, but it is ancient as Yoga word. There are often misleading certain branded Yoga is complete Yoga. Certain brand could be for marketing purpose or to teach only a certain style of Yoga Asana sequence may not be a complete Yoga. Our Yoga type is a Traditional Yoga which is in deeper sense is a complete and authentic Yoga derives from ancient Yoga scriptures as old as 10,000 years in Sanskrit taught in English. We teach basic secrets from these scriptures which cover physical, mental, and emotional and energy levels.

Objective & Benefits

Yog Chikitsa (Yoga Therapy) an ancient science of healing and helping mankind to be totally healthy and happy. YT is a complete scientific discipline that helps union of body, mind, senses, heart and ultimate energy. After completion of this Yoga Therapy Teacher's Training Certification, the students will become Yoga Therapist.

They will be able to first help themselves then can also help others. They will gain knowledge and promote positive health and bring harmony and peace in the society. Masters with proven track records guides and teaches this ancient Yogic science to aspirants to become a successful Yoga therapists. You become a Certified Yoga therapist accredited by International Yoga Association.

Course Contents

Syllabus: Following will be add on in each category in accordance with duration and advance studies
  • Therapeutic Effects of Asanas, Pranayams, Kriyas, Mudras, Bandhas, Chanting and Meditation.
  • Methodology for Yoga Therapy.
  • Yoga Therapy Techniques.
  • Basics of Ayurveda.
  • Yogic Life style, diet and Yoga Therapy.
  • Effects of imbalance of Chakras, Nadis in Yoga Therapy.
  • Basics of Naturopathy.
Yoga Therapy Teachers Training Certification (Basic) 50 hours
Theory and practical:
  • Meaning of Yoga Therapy, its significance and applications.
  • Selected techniques of Yoga therapy for certain diseases.
  • Yogic life style and health (Yama and Niyam).
  • Therapeutic benefits of Yogic Shvsn Ang Sanchalan (Breathing limbs Yogic movements).
  • Effects and meaning of prayer, chanting and Bhakti yoga in Yoga Therapy.
  • Therapeutic benefits of Karma Yoga.
  • Precautions of practising Yoga and Yoga therapy.
  • Self-balance before advising others.
  • Therapeutic Precautions for practice and teaching Yoga.
  • An understanding of Yogic and Ashram Life.
  • Therapeutic benefits of Yoga Asanas.
  • Therapeutic benefits of basic Pranayamas.
  • Therapeutic benefits of Silence (Maun).
  • Therapeutic benefits of Yogic Cleanliness (Shauch).
  • Therapeutic benefits of Meditation.
  • Basic understanding of teaching methodology.
  • Therapeutic benefits of Science of Mantra and Meditation.
  • Qualities of a Yoga Therapist, Basic Anatomy and Physiology and Yogic system of Energy.
  • Yoga Philosophy and Lifestyle.
  • Therapeutic benefits aspect’s study of Yoga Scriptures (Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, etc.).
  • Ethics for Yoga Therapist.
  • Assignments in related fields.
Objective & Benefits

In modern life, major countries of the world, there is tremendous stress, tension, sorrow, anxiety, fear, phobia, depression, loneliness, weakness, confusion, complexes, jealousy, anger, sufferings, obesity, pains, relationship problems, etc. More than 92% Americans visit Psychiatrist in their life time. All these invisible problems have practically no treatment with modern medical science.

Yoga and Meditation has thousands of years old, traditional, time tested techniques to help the mankind to get relief from these challenges. Yoga Therapy Certification course deals with various aspects of these challenges. Now a days for good Yoga teachers to know about Yoga Therapy is a jewel in the crown. American Doctor’s association has also accepted the importance of Yoga in a big way. Yoga is great way to help people’s wellness and by this course you can understand the basics of Yoga Therapy. This course is suitable for Yoga Teachers.

You can select Yoga Therapy course along with your Yoga Teachers training course, which will have following additional benefits:
1. Yoga Therapy techniques for selected diseases.
2. Yoga Therapy manual
3. Basic teachings of Ayurveda
4. Ayurveda Manual
5. Yoga Therapy Certificate
6. Yoga Therapy Classes (incl. assignments/case study)

No Registration fees,
No extra meals
No extra accommodation
Only pay tuition fees.

Yoga Therapy Teachers Training Certificate 300 Hours
Theory and practical:
  • Therapeutic benefits and practical of basic and advanced Asanas.
  • Therapeutic benefits and practical of basic and intensive Pranayamas.
  • Therapeutic benefits and practical of basic and advanced Kriya science.
  • Therapeutic benefits and practical of basics and advanced Bandha science.
  • Therapeutic benefits of advance Limbs Yogic movements for joints and inner awakening.
  • Precautions for practice and teaching Yoga Therapy.
  • An understanding of Yogic and Ashram Life.
  • Therapeutic benefits of Powers of Silence(Maun).
  • Therapeutic benefits of Yogic Cleanliness(Shauch).
  • Therapeutic benefits and advance Tratak, concentration, Dharna.
  • Therapeutic benefits of Yogic life style, Yama & Niyama.
  • Therapeutic benefits of Pratyahar (withdrawal from senses).
  • Therapeutic benefits of prayers, chanting and Bhakti Yoga.
  • Therapeutic benefits for higher Meditation.
  • Therapeutic benefits and understanding of Teaching methodology .
  • Therapeutic Yogic Business Plan.
  • Yoga and Psychotherapy.
  • Yoga and various health condition like: Head ache, Migraine, Obesity, Back pain, depression, Anxiety, Fear, Anger, Loneliness, body weakness, phobia, tension, gastritis, tinnitus, cervical spondylitis, frozen shoulders, varicose veins, numbness in legs, joint pains, indigestion, ulcers, high/low Blood Pressure, confusion, physiological problems, disharmony with others, relationship problems, etc.
  • Yogic and modern diagnosis of ailments.
  • Demonstration, Observation and review, Assisting/correcting.
  • Instructions and its understanding.
  • Teaching styles of traditional Yoga.
  • Practical of science of Mantra and Meditation.
  • Review the qualities of a good Yoga Teacher, and Special techniques, and applied Yoga sciences for healthy life.
  • Advance anatomy and Physiology (bodily systems, organs, etc.) Practical Yogic system of Energy/Subtle Anatomy and Physiology (Chakras, Nadis, etc.).
  • Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Therapy.
  • Therapeutic benefits of Study of Yoga Scriptures (Gherand Samhita, Patanjali Yoga Sutras, Bhagavad Gita, Hatha Yoga Pradipiika and others.).
  • Ethics for Yoga Teachers, 'living the life of the Yogi', etc.
  • Practicum includes student teaching at school as well as observing and assisting seekers.
  • Basics of Ayurveda.
  • Project and assignments in various fields related to Yoga therapy.

Sample of Daily Yoga Therapy Teacher's Training Schedule

Time Activity
6:00 am Wake up and self practice/Meditation
07:00~8.30 Practice & Instructions of various techniques of Meditation, Asanas, Pranayam, Yogic Kriyas
9.00 am Breakfast
9.45~10:45 Karma Yoga
11:00 to12N Yoga asana/ Theory / Practical
12.00 to 1 Yoga Practices / Practical /
1.30 pm Vegetarian Meals
2:30 pm Self & Personal Studies, assignments / Relaxation
4:00 to 5pm Anatomy/Communications /Presentations / Philosophy/ Courses
5 to 6.00 pm Meditation, / Yoga therapies / Yoga Nidra / Lectures / Satsang / Kirtan/ Yoga Philosophy/ Discussions /QA
7:30 pm Vegetarian Meals
9.30 pm Self studies
10.30 pm Sleep/lights off
* Subject to change
* Subject to change
Sundays holiday except Assembly at 9.30am
Special Blessings / Guidance by the enlightened master: Swami Sri Paramanandji and/or HH Swami Baba Kedarnathji subject to their availability.
Normally they visit Indore twice/thrice in a year.
All sample Classes/schedules are tentative and subject to change.


Currently we are running Online Courses

*NOTE* In Online Courses Accomodation & Food charges will be Excluded from total Fees

All Amounts in US$
Particulars 50 hours 300 hours
Tuition Fees 300 US$1200
Registration Fees 200 * (waived in case it is done with TTC) US$200
Private/Shared* room non a/c with attached 50 * (waived, in case this is done with TTC) 150
Meals 40 * (waived, in case this course is done with TTC) 200
Total $ 300 $ 1750
Following optional can also be done during your stay in the Ashram:
Personal Yoga Therapy treatment plan/ healing / Private consultation with Dr. Omanand (Optional) 150
Ayurveda Cooking Certificate (Optional) 140
Ayurveda Panchakarma & Massage Certificate (Optional) 140


  1. All rooms with attached toilet/bath, hot/cold water, private cupboard. There are 2 single beds in each room, you can share room with your friend/partner/colleague. Extra bed can be arranged upon request.
  2. Private room extra $150/month. Subject to availability.
  3. Private/Shared rooms are Subject to availability.
  4. Mini Suite: A/C, Attached toilet/bath, study table, chairs, study lamp, hot water kettle, clock, cupboard with locker. Extra $300/month. Subject to availability.
  5. (A/c Charges $150+Separate room $150 + mini suite $150=$450)
  6. Extra Stay one day before and after the course date is complimentary. If you wish to stay longer, a suggested donation of $20 per day including meals is applicable subject to availability. Please inform in advance.
  7. Personal and Private consultation with Dr. Omanand: For your personal health problems / relationship /personal guidance, consultation & plan by Dr. Omanand will be provided, subject to his availability.
  8. Ayurveda Cooking Certificate: You will be guided practical basic Ayurveda/ vegetarian cooking including basic sweet dishes. This you can learn during your stay in the Ashram while pursing your YTTC. Notes are provided.
  9. Ayurveda Massage / Panchkarma Certificate at the Ashram's Ayurveda Centre is available for practical self-experience and training. Our Ayurveda Department will be delighted to guide basics of Ayurveda Massage and Pachkarma.
  10. Reservation: You can reserve your space by sending only US$200 towards registration fees via PayPal: omanandji@gmail.com Registration fees are non-refundable, but in case of emergency you can postpone your reservation to next available course. Balance can be paid either on arrival or prior to your arrival. Balance is to be paid in our Bank's account by wire transfer or cash. In case of emergency if you want to pay by credit card, we can accept in person only, but subject to bank's charges extra. We accept wire transfer or cash. Please use PayPal in case of registration fees only. No outside cheques. All fees payable is net of bank/credit card charges.
  11. Sightseeing Tour: optional: Trips to Omkareshwar or Indore/Ujjain or other cities and nearby areas. This can be shared among students. Sometimes it costs around $5 round trip.
  12. We can help in making your domestic bookings if, required.

YTTTC 300 (Online)


Course Date Venue Admission
Jan. 4 to Mar 28 Indore Closed
Mar. 2 to May 28 Indore Closed
May 2 to July 28 Indore Closed
Jul. 2 to Sep 28 Indore Closed
Sep. 2 to Nov 28 Indore Closed
Nov. 2 to Jan 28 Indore Closed

YTTTC 50 (Online)


Course Date Venue Admission
Jan. 4 to Mar 28 Indore Closed
Mar. 2 to May 28 Indore Closed
May 2 to July 28 Indore Closed
Jul. 2 to sep 28 Indore Closed
Sep. 2 to Nov 28 Indore Closed
Nov. 2 to jan 28 Indore Closed



Course Date Venue Admission
Jan. 2 to 28 Indore Closed
Feb. 2 to 28 Indore Register
Mar. 2 to 28 Indore Register
Apr. 2 to 28 Indore Register
May 2 to 28 Indore Register
Jun. 2 to 28 Indore Register
Jul. 2 to 28 Indore Register
Aug. 2 to 28 Indore Register
Sep. 2 to 28 Indore Register
Oct. 2 to 28 Indore Register
Nov. 2 to 28 Indore Register
Dec. 2 to 28 Indore Register



Course Date Venue Admission
Jan. 2 to 28 Indore Closed
Feb. 2 to 28 Indore Register
Mar. 2 to 28 Indore Register
Apr. 2 to 28 Indore Register
May 2 to 28 Indore Register
Jun. 2 to 28 Indore Register
Jul. 2 to 28 Indore Register
Aug. 2 to 28 Indore Register
Sep. 2 to 28 Indore Register
Oct. 2 to 28 Indore Register
Nov. 2 to 28 Indore Register
Dec. 2 to 28 Indore Register