Yoga Teacher Training In India

A Journey of Self-Discovery

Before coming to India I was so full of anxiety and fears, I knew this would change me in a way I could only imagine. When I first got to India an uneasy feeling filled my body as I seen…


Holi Experience 23rd and 24th March 2016

This has been my first experience of Holi and I hope it is not my last. The holiday is to represent the colors in our life. It normally falls Under the full moon on the lunar cycle. One of the…


Holi Festival Celebrated In The Ashram

The 24th we all together in the ashram celebrated the Holi Festival. Actually, we started celebrating it the day before. It was extremely funny, sharing colors, joy, happiness. We rolled in the mud, played with water, we saw our teachers…


​A life time experience at Paramanand Yoga

The transformation that I have experienced in barely two weeks here is so vast that it feels like it was two or three versions of myself ago that I arrived. To sum things up in words would hardly do it…


Madhav Daily Diary

The full moon called me to sleep outside last night, and I woke up super tired. Guruji was at morning practice with his laptop, which meant exams. I was called up to teach Bhujangasana and I was happy with my…


My diary in Paramanand Yoga (Experiences of whole day)

After the food poisoning experience yesterday, and a bad nights sleep, I woke up with very little energy, but went into my morning routine anyway. In the yoga studio, Guruji called me up to take prayer and Ang Sanchalan and…


My Life In Paramanand Yoga Ashram

My started the day on the roof with a sense awakening meditation as well as a prayer, facing north (I think), allowing it to happen. Moving to the yoga hall I started with some brain gym exercises to assist with…


Experience in Paramanand Campus during Yoga studies

Yesterday after the meditation, I kept crying for hours & hours until 2 o’clock. It was coming out of joy and happiness as I have found my second home. Your class was amazing as we all learnt so muuuuuch, more…


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